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You Kikkawa – Ha wo Kuishibare!/Charming Shoubu Sedai June 8, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Ha wo Kuishibare!
  2. Charming Shoubu Sedai
  3. Maneiro! (Limited B only)
  4. Ha wo Kuishibare! (Instrumental)
  5. Charming Shoubu Sedai (Instrumental)
  6. Maneiro! (Instrumental)

1. Ha wo Kuishibare!

I couldn’t really understand what transpired from this song.  Kikka sounds like she’s bring nervous and shy in the introduction, but then the song just goes on this weird route with the lyrics and the cutesy arrangement.  I just don’t understand what’s happening here.  Then I found out Seiko Oomori had a hand in this and while that makes a little more sense, it doesn’t make up for how nonsensical the track comes off.  Like ~have a nice mouth~ as its hook…it’s a bit out there.

2. Charming Shoubu Sedai

At least the other A-side made a lot more sense lyrically than it’s sister A-side.  Charming Shoubu Sedai has a much stronger pop/rock kind of groove in it and reminds me of some earlier Kikka songs from her first era.  I like Kikka’s cute vocals and she has a girly personality for the track that’s for sure.  Definitely the better leading track here!

3. Maneiro!

As the only B-side of the single (and found on one edition of the single, I wasn’t sure what there was to this track, but it’s definitely a summer-themed track as it has some tropical sounds and reminds me of Up Up Girls’ “Up Up Typhoon” with the energetic dance beats and aggressive bongos. The song brings out the bright vocals and it’s just nice to dance with.



After her “WILDFLOWER” album, I’m surprised that Kikka would ditch her electronic style and go for something a little more from her first album.  Ha wo Kuishibare! doesn’t quite fit the mold and honestly it is such a bizarre song that it really doesn’t connect with me.  At least there’s Charming Shoubu Sedai to remedy that with its pop/rock sound and bright sound.  Maneiro! is a pretty good (albeit familiar sounding) summer track…though it’s a B-side?


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