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Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! Corocoro & E3 June 15, 2016

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So June has been a very great month so far for Pokemon news with the first two weeks containing a lot of nice information so lets get some of the main points out of the way!

  • Character customization is returning! (to what amount is uncertain sadly)
  • The bracelet is actually important, but Masuda passed over what that was about
  • The Pokedex actually is something different (but I’ll mention it later)
  • A Royal Battle was introduced that puts 4 players into a battle and the first one to lose their Pokemon ends the match
  • The battle menus are different, also shows what types are better than others on top of showing the amount of stat changes has happened.
  • Kukri is actually the Professor and not Hala
  • Hau is your friendly rival and Lillie is Kukri’s assistance but has been said she’s important to the story.
  • QR Codes can be used to try to locate Pokemon you don’t have.
  • Alola itself seems to have 4 main islands and one man-made island (there seems to be more islands though (and their maybe some secrets too!
  • I think the island is actually called Melemele Island (the place you start off at)

That being said, let’s get to the most important things

Solgaleo & Lunala


So from our last post, we got a video to showcase the legendaries and to finally get the actual names for them (which ironically were the Japanese trademarks (though Lunala lost an “a”).  Solgaleo is the first here and for what we’ve seen of him, I wasn’t expecting to have it as a Psychic/Steel typing due to it’s look and some of its moves (especially its Signature, Sunsteel Strike which looks like a Fire-type move.  Though it does share its typing with both the Metagross line and Bronzong line which is meh and its new ability, Full Metal Body is just a lot like Clear Body (which Metagross has).

That being said, Lunala is a bit similar as well with its typing being Psychic/Ghost which currently is shared between itself and Hoopa.  Now this I could see being quite nice as it’s based off a bad (thank god, it doesn’t have the suffix -bat).  I do think it has the cooler attack in Moongeist Beam and it’s ability, Shadow Shield makes it so that when it gets attacked when its HP is full will take less damage.

Nekkoala, Iwanko


Next up, we got two Pokemon announced from Corocoro!

The one on the left is Nekkoala and it’s a pure Normal type.  Nothing else really was noteworthy except for its ability which is new to the series called Definite Sleep (well not the US name for it).  This new ability makes it so that Nekkoala is immune to all status effects EXCEPT Sleep.  Which is ironic as it looks like it’s sleeping already.

Cute puppy and everything, but I wasn’t expecting Iwanko to be actually a pure Rock-type.  Now we’ve seen a small preview of it before the Corocoro leak happened (and funny they even mentioned this in the magazine.  Nothing too interesting here either, but Corocoro mentioned that this Pokemon alongside the starters hold a secret (is it this involving the braelet perhaps?)

Zygarde 10% & Complete Formes


A couple days later we got a trailer announcing that at least these two formes are going to make an appearance in Sun/Moon.  I am wondering where the other formes are because in the trailer, 10% has an ability called Swarm Change where it turns into its Complete Forme.  Now the dog does contain two moves, Thousand Arrows & Thousand Waves (which were in X/Y & OR/AS so finally seeing it on something legit is nice.  Once it’s the hulking beast, it gains the move Core Enforcer.

Like I said, I like these two making the cut, but where does the Cells & Core fit in on top of the Snake forme (or as it’s called 50%).  Not sure what will be the idea behind them, but maybe in the future.

Yungoos, Pikipek, Grubbin


Then our next batch comes out from E3!  Well, the first two made their appearance this morning while the 3rd was released via a trailer (I’m sure you could’ve ran into him, but the Treehouse conference didn’t have too much time for it).

The first seen was Yungoos, which might be our rodent of the first routes!   He looks a lot ferocious than previous entries in older generations.  Though what caught my attention was the name because it reminds me a little of Zangoose (and the fact that its profile mentions it being used to ward off an enemy (which are snakes as it’s based off a mongoose).  It’d be cool if it was a pre-evolution, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.  It does have a choice of two abilities, but one of them is new called Stakeout where the user can do double damage if the opponent switched mid-battle.

Next up is Pikipek which we saw as a wireframe model in the first announcement of the games.  I’m not surprised that it’s a woodpecker nor that its typing is Normal/Flying.  Not much of anything interesting, but at least it has two evolutions so that’s always nice to know.

Last, but not least, we have Grubbin while wasn’t a part of the Treehouse live, was found in the trailer that was released after.  Besides being a Bug type, there wasn’t really much else that was released about it.  Actually, the description it got did say it likes being around electrical things, so does this mean we have another potential Bug/Electic type?



While not much more was found out about Magearna, we finally got our first look of it in-game with its signature move, Fleur Cannon and we learn of its ability, Soul-Heart where it’s Special Attack is raised when a Pokemon is fainted in battle.

Solgaleo Rising Sun phase & Lunala Full Moon phase


Finally. we have different phases (makes sense considering phases are a solar/lunar thing).  Supposedly these are just temporary forms they take in battle (I feel like this happens with their signature moves).  It’s interesting, but there’s not much info about these two forms, so sadly I can’t say too much!

Other Pokemon notices

  • Well, we see a bunch of older Pokemon on the islands, so that’s pretty nice (Ledyba is a part of the first Route, as well as Yungoos & Pikipek)
  • Popplio apparantly learns Disarming Voice (could it be a Fairy Pokemon after evolution?)
  • The game mentions 4 deities, one on each island and the first island is named Tapu Koko (whether these are humans or Pokémon is yet to be seen).
  • The new Dex is actually a Rotom?!?


The question becomes that do we get ourselves a Rotom, or this is just a special case and we don’t even get a Dex entry for itself?  It’s strange, quirky and cute, but makes the most sense as Rotom takes control of appliances.  I kind of wonder about it



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