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Ami Suzuki – Panpaka Pants WHAT YA WHAT YA Rock June 16, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Panpaka Pants WHAT YA WHAT YA Rock

1. Panpaka Pants WHAT YA WHAT YA Rock

I wasn’t sure what I expecting from a cover like that, but it seems Ami took a different route with a track that isn’t drenched electronics.  Actually it reminds me of some surfer pop/rock.  The song itself is different and something she hasn’t tried since at least the “CONNETTA” album.  Ami though sounds a lot different though.  Her voice is a lot more scratchy and raw then her sexual lower tones.  It’s an odd song that’s for sure!



After being gone for about 2 years since her last release 2014’s digital single, “graduation”, I felt like she’s been REALLY quiet otherwise and then randomly releases this digital single back in April.  Not sure what the song is supposed to be for, but it’s what I’d say just a random thrown dart at the board.  Unusual, something that Ami isn’t known for and just kind of out of nowhere released.  I suppose it’s nice to hear something new, but I want her to come back for another album!


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