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AAA – NEW June 18, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. NEW
  2. ~Interlude~
  3. LEAP of FAITH
  4. NEW (2BEDROOM REMIX) (Fanclub Edition only)
  5. NEW (Instrumental)
  6. LEAP of FAITH (Instrumental)

1. NEW

I felt it weir that AAA would have a tie-in for the soft drink, Sprite, but here we are with NEW and it actually has a decent hook to it.  I wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of the verses being under heavy muffled filters (though I could tell who is who).  While the chorus does open the vocals up all the way and I found the track to be catchy and stuff.  Still, I think the song needs to be resung without the filters and it would make things all better!

2. ~Interlude~

I thought only V-kei bands include random interlude in their singles (and Kuu at that).  Well, I suppose AAA is jumping on that track here and it’s a little random to see such a thing here.  After the summer tinted “NEW”, I wasn’t expecting a futuristic sound coming from just a minute-long track.  I like the creepy undertones that grown into this heavy-paced dance track, but it feels like a teaser for something.  Though once it gets to its peak, the song just immediately cuts out to the next track.


As the interlude cuts out, we enter the B-side, LEAP of FAITH which does sound like it’s quiet and haunting almost.  I was more surprised that the group decided to make this song mostly in English (though the accent is pretty heavy).  Then the chorus hits and the track turns into a beat-driven dance track (not like the previous track, mind you).  I like the track actually, though it’s funny that Misako and Chiaki get the only Japanese lines in the track.  Really interesting track that turned out better than expected.


So on fanclub editions on the single it comes with a bonus remix of the leading track and I’m hoping that it’s a little better.  Already it’s impressing me more because those filters are thrown out the window and the summery arrangement turns into more of a tropical setting, but has a simpler arrangement…at first.  After the first round of the chorus, the track turns into this weird trap/dance sound and later brings in dubstep and more synths and it just sounds a bit two-faced of a remix.  It’s decent, but there’s better in their catalog.



After their slightly disappointing 10th anniversary album, I felt like AAA were either burned out or just phoning it in because not a lot of songs impressed me.  After taking a hiatus and doing solo releases, the group returned with NEW and for the most part, it turned out decent.  NEW is a pretty good summer song, though it could’ve worked better without the heavy filters all over.  LEAP of FAITH though is the better track and that’s coming from it being mostly an English track!  The remix is ok and the random interlude felt more like a teaser of a future thing…weird single, but it’s nice there’s more to the single than the last 8 singles >.>


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