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Morning Musume ’16 – Engeki Joshi-bu Musical “Zoku 11-nin Iru! Higashi no Chihei, Nishi no Towa” Original Soundtrack June 27, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Ai no Kotoba
  2. Higashi no Chihei, Nishi no Towa
  3. Suki Dakara..

1. Ai no Kotoba

The single opens with Ayumi singing along with a simple piano arrangement.  It’s quite nice to hear her singing a lot less forceful and in turn ends with a pleasant tone.  Then Haruka actually shows up and starts to sing and she’s got the husky voice going on and it sounds like a stark difference between each other.  Simple track, but it’s OK I suppose.

2. Higashi no Chihei, Nishi no Towa

As the theme of the stageplay, Higashi no Chihei, Nishi no Towa, I figured that it was going to be a lot more grandiose than the other two tracks of the single and it has a powerful sound to it, especially since Ayumi, Haruka, and Sakura have leads in through the track.  Of the three, I was impressed the most out of this one!

3. Suki Dakara..

So the 3rd track is a duet between Sakura and Haruka and already it’s got a little more oomph going on than in “Ai no Kotoba” that’s for sure.  There’s a low-lying beat to it with a flowing piano/strings melody going on.  I’m really liking Sakura here a lot as she puts a lot of strong power behind her lines.  Add on the melodic tones Duu adds here and it just sounds great!



I really hope there’ll be a fuller OST down the line because the single made me want more from this stageplay.  Higashi no Chihei, Nishi no Towa & Suki Dakara.. left me hoping that a lot more of the songs in the play are just as grand and powerful!  Ai no Kotoba is the weak link here, but it does show that Ayumi is getting better at handling soft songs overall.  As a whole, it’s decent, but I want more…


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