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Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! July Update! July 2, 2016

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So being a little early, I decided to tackle this month’s update due to GameFreak giving information earlier in a video before Corocoro (which I’ll update if there’s anything new from the magazine when it releases in a week).

So let’s dive in and learn a bit more!  I will say, there’s not much worth noting about the game mechanics (as we’ve learned a lot in last month’s post (due to E3).

  • Riding Pokemon is returning after showing a picture of a trainer riding a Stoutland.

Grubbin, Charjabug, Vikavolt


Back in June, we were introduced to Grubbin (although it was just in a video and not in actual gameplay at E3 like Yungoos & Pikipek).  Though when the Pokemon site was updated it was talking a bit about it eating electricity.

So with the July 1st update, we got the full evolution line where Grubbin evolves into Charjabug and the typing shifted to a Bug / Electic.  While I do find the cocoon-like Charjabug a bit humorous with its sheer design.  Good to mention that Charjabug has a new ability called Battery where it powers up team members (in double battle (or even triple if that returns).

Then it evolves into Vikavolt and boy does it look badass!  While it does lose an interesting and gets the meh Levitate, it still sticks out in a good way.



Next up is Drampa and instantly did it remind me of Neverending Story just a bit much XD.  I do like the Chinese-esque design and the fact that it’s the unique typing of Normal / Dragon.  It makes me wonder if there’ll be evolutions (or pre-evolutions) considering the fact that it’s old.  It does come with the ability choice of Sap Sipper and the new, Berserk where its Special Attack is raised when its HP goes under 50%.  I find it cute and wonder how well it’ll be in-game.



Next up is currently many fans’ least favorite design, Bruxish!  Being designed off the national fish of Hawaii, I felt like the colors were pretty random and the teeth, eyebrows and top with the pearl, is kind of wild and crazy.  Also it’s a Water / Psychic type sharing with the Slowking/Slowbro line and Starmie line.  I’m not sure where it’s going to stand, but with its choice of Strong Jaw and new ability Dazzling (stops priority moves), it could be useful in the game!



Next is Cutiefly and it has the unique typing of Bug / Fairy but beyond that, there wasn’t too much information about it nor I found myself having too much of an opinion about it altogether.  It does have the choice between the abilities of Honey Gather and Shield Dust…but honestly, this was the forgetful one out of the 7 introduced!



Being coined as the Pika-clone of the generation and having its Japanese name being the same as its English name (like Pachirisu), Togedemaru is an interesting take being a rotund rodent Pokemon (and it has spikes the pop up from its fur).  Being typed as Electric / Steel which is only shares this typing with the Magnezone line, it’ll be interesting to see where it turns out in the metagame!

Tapu Koko


The big one shown off though was the guardian deity of Melemele Island, Tapu Koko.  Being mentioned at E3 only by name, no one was sure whether or not it was going to be a Pokemon or not, but lookie here!  Being a dual type of Electric / Fairy which is does share with Dedenne, I’m sure it’ll be a bit more powerful as such including its new ability Electric Surge where it places an automatic Electric Terrain on the field.  We are also introduced to a new move Nature’s Madness (though unsure what the typing is for it)

That said, does it mean the other island deities are going to be different typings (with Fairy), or what?

Also, it’s seen being under Hala…so is it techinically his Pokemon?

Let’s not forget that it’s also the first Pokemon to have a space in its name!

Komala, Rockruff


Not mentioned in the update video, but actually on the official site, we finally got the English names for these two Pokemon

Komala did get a little more information out with its new ability, Comatose where it’s always sleepy but doesn’t get other status afflictions due to that.  Makes me worry that it’ll be like Slakoth & Slaking where it’ll attack every so often, but here it might be worse because Komala might fall asleep.

As for Rockruff, nothing much to really say about besides that it does evolve eventually!



Seems like with every update video, we get a piece of the puzzle that is Zygarde.  In July’s update we do find out that the 50% forme (the serpent original from X/Y, can also turn into Complete forme when it’s HP is low enough when it has the ability Power Construct.  Though it can still also have its original Aura Break ability instead.

Cells and Cores were also finally mentioned and Cells were said to be all over Alola

We see Zygarde 10% change in Complete forme & 50% change into Complete, but can 10% change into 50%?  and how do the Cores/Cells change into any of these forms?



So a couple days after the video of the 7 new Pokémon (ironically on the 7th of July), Junichi Masuda (the main director) made an appearance at Japan Expo in France and announced this new guy, Salandit, who has the unique typing of Poison/Fire and the new ability, Corrosion, which lets it poison anything including other Poison types and Steel types (as both are normally immune to the status).  Creepy, but also pretty cool, let’s hope it evolves into a badass!

Kiteruguma, Mimikkyu


Then we FINALLY get Corocoro news and the addition of two more new Pokemon!

First is the one on the left, Kiteruguma, who is a Normal / Fighting type with the choice of the abilities Fluffy (which is unknown currently) and Klutz!  Personally, the whole pedobear is strange, but it does look slightly off lol.  With its profile stating that Alola residents are afraid of it, I kind of think it’s a parallel to other bears like Ursaring & Pangoro…so I feel like there’s something that it evolves from.

On the right side though we have Mimikkyu and boy does it seem weird right from the start!  Having the unique typing of Ghost / Fairy, it seems like that its Pikachu-esque look is just a “disguise” (which is also its ability).  I’m so curious to see what’s underneath, maybe we’ll find out!



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