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Kou Shibasaki – Yasei no Doumei July 11, 2016

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yasei no doumei

Track Listing

  1. Yasei no Doumei
  2. Memento Diary
  3. Ai to Smile Ai to Smile
  4. Yasei no Doumei (Instrumental)
  5. Memento Diary (Instrumental)
  6. Ai to Smile Ai to Smile (Instrumental)

1. Yasei no Doumei

When I saw that Shiina Ringo was involved with Kou’s next A-side, I was pretty excited because Shiina’s sound is so unique and brings great things to songs.  With Yasei no Doumei, I was quite surprised with the almost Tokyo Jihen-like feel I got, but it has Kou’s soft vocals filtered throughout.  Then the chorus hits and it’s a strange mix of major and minor chords that it just excites me all over.  While it might not be as exciting as “Love Searchlight” was, it’s pretty decent and nice to have in her discography.

2. Memento Diary

Talking about that past A-side, I feel like the first B-side, Memento Diary kind of walks along the same genre and sounds.  I do like the ethereal feel mixed with the guitar flickering and once again drawn in by Kou’s vocals.  The chorus is a bit more rockin’ although a bit short to say the least.  I kind of dug the song, it’s pretty interesting.

3. Ai to Smile Ai to Smile

I wasn’t sure what to make of the 2nd B-side here especially with the intro that has all kinds of weird bells and whistles trying to make a melody.  Though once the acoustic guitar and Kou join in, the song becomes a lot more pleasant and just has this certain walk in the park kind of groove going on.  It’s a quirky and cute song and it turned out well!



As I hadn’t reviewed this, the 3rd single of the era, Yasei no Doumei feels rather experimental yet so true to Kou’s sound.  Yasei no Doumei is pretty interesting and the whole shifting between chords caught my attention the most.  Memento Diary feels a little bit like “Love Searchlight” and some of the material that was on “CIRCLE CYCLE” with a little synth but a little pop/rock too!  Ai to Smile Ai to Smile though was my favorite here with it’s sunny atmosphere and cute vibes (even if there’s weird things going on with the melody).  Overall great single!


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