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Nana Mizuki – STARTING NOW! July 11, 2016

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Track Listing

  2. Antiphona
  3. Rensou Hanabi


Kicking the single off, STARTING NOW! surprisingly changes things up by moving away from the synth and dramatic anison songs and we’re given a fun and bright pop/rock tune (which is many of her B-sides ironically in the past).  I do love the chorus and synth usage is used a bit there too!  It just feels like Nana has a whole lot of fun doing this song and I can’t blame her because it’s just refreshing and catchy in one package!

2. Antiphona

Though if you were looking for the style that Nana has been doing for a long while, Antiphona might fill that void on this single.  While it’s not overly dramatic and Nana isn’t going hardcore, this song is pretty much in the middle of the road for me.  I think it’s simply from the slower tempo, but I think it’s just alright for the moment!

3. Rensou Hanabi

As the 2nd B-side, Rensou Hanabi might be the longest track off the single (at over 5 minutes), it’s also kind of the forgettable song here.  It takes the slightly similar style that “STARTING NOW!” has but lowers it a bit and makes it more of a mid-tempo pop/rock track.  It could really use a boost of energy and a fire on its butt to just make it at least be memorable but this song is just meh for me.



Being the first single after her “SMASHING ANTHEMS” album, STARTING NOW! is an OK single for me.  Of course the leading track was the highlight here being upbeat and bright for the summer months.  Antiphona and Rensou Hanabi are on the lower end of things but they aren’t terrible, just kind of there for the single…


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