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PUFFY – Puffy People Yama July 11, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Puffy People Yama
  3. COCO Hawaii
  4. Puffy People Yama -instrumental-
  5. COLORFUL WAVE SURFERS -instrumental-
  6. COCO Hawaii -instrumental-

1. Puffy People Yama

I wasn’t sure what PUFFY were up to as they came back from their hiatus and Puffy People Yama is an interesting track the fuses their pop/rock punk sound with some traditional Japanese instrumentation which is pretty exciting.  Add on the rapping section and I was just bouncing along to the track and it was just so fun and upbeat and brings back Ami and Yumi to where they were just bringing the energy.


Hey! I was curious to see this appear on the single as it was released digitally before the single.  Though I was kind of hoping for some rad beach-rock song or some reason but it feels a little more controlled than the A-side which is actually surprising.  I mean, the track is still decent and true to the duo, but I found the quirky sound of the leading track to still be better.

3. COCO Hawaii

Which is bizarre because the other track on the single has a beach-like feel to it.  The whole island-vibe is underlined by piano and some drums, but the tune makes me want to frolic across the beach and just have a good time!  It’s a good track overall and like “Party People Yama” makes me think the duo had a second wind!



PUFFY to me was pretty missed when they announced the hiatus after “Tomodachi no Wao!” and then came back with “Datsu Dystopia” and then a big space before this single.  While I don’t know where they are in singles for a new album because of the long stretch of time between the singles, I feel like Party People Yama is their best single in a long time.  Both the leading track and COCO Hawaii are really nice songs and don’t ask for too much beyond giving an energetic performance.  COLORFUL WAVE SURFERS was one of the more safer songs they put out, but altogether made a good single!  I just wonder when we’ll get the next album!


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