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VIXX – Hana Kaze July 11, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Hana Kaze
  3. Hana Kaze (Instrumental)
  4. MOONLIGHT (Instrumental)

1. Hana Kaze

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting VIXX to release a ballad as an A-side this early in their Japanese careers.  Though this does means that the group gets to showcase their vocals in a much more broader light in a song like this.  The song’s arrangement though is pretty basic as things go with piano/strings/percussion.  Though I’m noticing a pattern with the group where Leo & Ken sing mostly in choruses as N, Hyuk, and Hong Bin sing the verses.  Actually, I’m a little surprised there’s no Ravi involved here (and if he is, his voice blends to other voices).  Still, I’m not quite as impressed with this when compared to both of their previous A-sides.


Though not much could be really said for the B-side.  I will say, that the song has a little more pop vibes than “Hana Kaze” to say the least.  I’m really liking the vocals here a bit more as well hearing N and Hyuk flow so smoothly and then the chorus with Leo & Ken is also quite moving and even Ravi has a rap section in the track!  This actually the preferred song from the single!

I wasn’t expecting VIXX to come back and release more Japanese singles after their “Depend on me” album but here we are with Hana Kaze.  Honestly, I really wasn’t expecting a ballad (since the group excels at dark and edgy motifs) and in the end I found the leading track to be almost generic in many ways.  Though I would give credit to MOONLIGHT for at least trying to do something different and ending up being the better song…wonder what’ll be next…


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