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Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! July Update! pt. 2 July 19, 2016

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It seems like this month is just filled to the brim with news and I suppose I had to make another post about this as this is another batch (If you were looking for initial impressions for Salandit, Kiteruguma (Bewear), or Mimikyu, then look through the previous post!)

  • In the Japanese trailer, we see what might be the use for the new bracelets are and it seems it’s for a 5th moe potentially, we did see Litten, Popplio, and Rowlet use the moves and it seems it stretches to Rockruff.
  • Lapras, Sharpedo, and Tauros were added to Pokemon riding, although the first two might just be using Surf
  • An updated Pokemon-amie is back
  • An updated Hyper Training is back as well, and went on to say that Lvl. 100 Pokemon can still grow their stats.



It wasn’t really long until we’d get the English names for the Pokemon announced from Corocoro, but this name, Bewear, is kind of hilarious in its own right, especially the whole Pedobear similarity going on.  What we found out is that the new ability Fluffy is being able to take half damage, however in return Fire moves do double damage…so a risk/reward kind of ability!



On the other hand, the English name didn’t really change for this adorable thing!  Mimikyu‘s only new news is that its ability is Disguise helps it escape one attack, though it’s appearance changes (which is basically the body tilts over).  Still really adorable though!



Then we got a surprise trailer this morning that included 4 new Pokemon (and Bewear & Mimikyu).  The first shown off is Wimpod and boy does it fit into its name quite correctly.  I liked that it’s actually Bug / Water (which it shares this typing with Surskit).  However it’s ability Wimp Out, makes it so that once it loses half of its HP, it runs away or switches with another Pokemon on your team…this could be a bad Pokemon to deal with, though it does give me hope that it evolves at some point!



Did we fuse an Oddish with a Cherubi?  That’s what I feel with this Grass type Bounsweet which looks like its based of a lychee.  Of the four shown off, I actually think it has the least information about it beyond having its abilities being Leaf Guard or Oblivious.



Reaching for the odd designs in the same vein of Klefki, Comfey is actually based off of the Lei which is pretty strange.  Though like the Florges line, I’m pretty surprised it’s not a Fairy / Grass type but is actually a pure Fairy type.  It does come with a choice of abilities between Flower Veil and the new ability Triage (Restorative moves get +1 priority).  It does sound like it’s the Chansey of the Generation where it heals Pokemon around Alola.



A horse Pokemon based off a Clydesdale?  Either way, I have to say it looks pretty cool and being a pure Ground type, it’s going to stand out!  With a choice of Own Tempo and Stamina (Its defense goes up 1 whenever it gets hit).

OK, this time I hope to see you guys again in August!!!!


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