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Buono! – Solatido ~Nee Nee~ August 26, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Solatido ~Nee Nee~
  2. Rock no Seichi
  3. Solatido ~Nee Nee~ (Instrumental)
  4. Rock no Seichi (Instrumental)

1. Solatido ~Nee Nee~

I love the ascending introduction to Solatido that leads into an upbeat track for the group.  It’s a bit more brighter than previous efforts, but I do like that the most about it.  I’m really loving hearing all three members together as it seems like Momoko and Miyabi sound better than the last time we heard them together.  Altogether, it’s a decent track, but there’s been much much better though.

2. Rock no Seichi

As the B-side of the single (initially this was a double A-side, but was changed after about a week after the release announcement).  Another interesting thing is that it’s the answer song to one of their older songs, “Rock no Kamisama”.  Interesting that it starts with a crowd cheering like it’s live before running into the studio cut.  I do think it reminds me more of their Shugo Chara! releases and the energy is definitely there!  They even threw in that ~p-a-t-i~ line from “Bravo ☆Bravo”.  It’s a great song and I actually prefer this to the leading track.



Wow, it’s been at least 3 years since the trio released music (since their mini, “SHERBET”).  I know this was a thing because the group was being reunited for a performance (which this was announced back at the beginning of the year).  While it’s not known if this is their final single, I though Solatido was OK and happy to see them back once more.  Solatido is bright and upbeat while Rock no Seichi is definitely something the crowds can get into.  I just want another album lol!


Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! August News PT. 3!! August 20, 2016

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Wow, it just seems GameFreak just keeps rolling out the news.  This time is from both Gamescom (EU E3) and the Worlds Championship.  There wasn’t too much from the new systems or anything rather in-game, but we did get confirmation of some new Pokemon and some Corocoro released Pokemon, so let’s go down!



So it feels like this should come first.  At Gamescom, the company decided to show off more of the Battle Royal and then endthe session with a showing of a new Pokemon, Turtonator.  Interestingly enough, it is a Fire / Dragon type (the first that isn’t a legendary (Reshiram)).  It does come with a unique move in Shell Trap which acts like a counter by giving double damage once it’s set up.  I personally feel like it was shown off randomly, and somehow gives off this feeling that it’ll have a pre-evolution in the future.



We finally get the English names for our Corocoro entries finally (though it has only been about over a week since they were introduced).  Stufful of course eventually evolves into Bewear and it does share the same typings and abilities.  Really though, it’s just an adorable Pokemon and its backside has a little tag on it which is too cute!  Much more better than Bewear’s design!

Sandygast, Palossand


Yup, the strange sandcastle Pokemon has also been given its English names so if you missed my initial impressions, then there’s a previous post the talks about their designs and typings!  Though we did get info on its ability, Water Composition where its defense goes up two levels after being hit by a Water attack.  After seeing them in in-game footage though, I like Sandygast, but Palossand needs a little more time to grow on me.



The last Pokemon shown off was actually the only new Pokemon shown at Worlds (because Stufful, Sandygast, and Palossand were shown off previously).  When I saw this, I immediately thought it was going to be a Water type, but in all reality it’s actually a Fighting type.  A little strange, but here’s hoping that it’ll be evolving into something scary!



Tsubaki Factory – Hitorijime/Watashi ga Obasan ni Nattemo August 12, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Hitorijime
  2. Watashi ga Obasan ni Nattemo
  3. Hitorijime (Instrumental)
  4. Watashi ga Obasan ni Nattemo (Instrumental)

1. Hitorijime

I was surprised that Tsubaki’s 3rd single begins with a song that definitely calls up the Platinum era of Momusu almost too smoothly!  There’s something about that intro that was pretty cool and then the piano comes into the track and the girls start to sing.  I did notice that Yumeno and Kisora do get a bit of focus over the remaining ladies, but that’s OK…I’m believing that Yumeno is probably the group’s best asset currently.  I do think it’s up there with “Kedakaku Sakihokore!” as a favorite.

2. Watashi ga Obasan ni Nattemo

Another Moritaka cover?  Strange that it’s the other big song that H!P loves to cover.  Unlike the futuristic vibes I got from “17sai”, this is pretty much standard EDM stuff from the company which is nice as it gives the song an updated feel.  Tsubaki themselves sound fine if not a little bit shouty, but the verses are pretty sweet (especially with piano being in the forefront above the synths).  It’s a decent cover at least and a nice opposite to “Hitorijime”.

As the group’s 3rd single, I feel like Hitorijime is a pretty strong song from them as it shows a bit more liveliness from the members (especially Kishimon, who just keeps getting better).  I feel like Watashi ga Obasan ni Nattemo was a bit of a rushed song (ironic because it is the older of the two).  Good single overall, but when are they debuting?


Yohske Yamamoto feat. Nami Tamaki – ALL-WAYS

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Track Listing



Wow I wasn’t expecting Nami to do a collaboration with another artist that wasn’t her song to begin with.  What I’m saying this is Yamamoto’s songs, but since he’s the guitarist it feels like it’s Nami’s thing. For fans that loved her more rockin’ songs in her discography, then you’ll find something to enjoy here.  Her voice still sounds fitting to the style and the rhythm and arrangement is cool and catchy too!


On the other hand, THE LAST SONG has a bit more grand feeling like an epic rock track should.  Surprising that this song is longer at 6 minutes, but I feel like Nami really kept it together and the verses were light while the chorus is just loud and in your face!  I actually connected the most with this song a lot more than the leading track.

While I did miss reviewing it a release, I decided to tackle this as I was told Nami had full lead singing.  I really do like Nami when she decides to do rock songs to kind of takea break from her anison/dance music.  ALL-WAYS is a pretty good single, though I’m pretty sad it isn’t hers technically.


Kalafina – blaze

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Track Listing

  1. blaze
  2. Natsu no Asa
  3. blaze ~instrumental~
  4. Natsu no Asa ~instrumental~
  5. blaze ~TV size~

1. blaze

It’s been a while, but it seems we’ve finally got our next Kalafina A-side and boy does this song sound anison as hell!  Like, almost Naruto-esque with the kind of pop/rock arrangement going on.  Despite the kind of unique direction the trio took for this song, I do feel like because of its sound it almost sounds generic if not for the heavenly vocals here.  There’s even some cool parts like the bridge for sure.  It’ll probably grow on me after more listens at least!

2. Natsu no Asa

Did “Natsu no Ringo” & the other folksy songs get another to drop into its folder?  It sure seems like and it honestly sounds like the aforementioned song especially with the flute melody that plays around the song.  I really do enjoy hearing their folk tracks as they give plenty of shine to the trio’s vocals.  Definitely a sweet song and a good B-side!



After a nice lengthy break after their 5th album, Kalafina releases a new single to begin the road to the 6th album and blaze for the most part is OK.  It’s still nothing too groundbreaking, but I feel like blaze can be memorable, though I feel like the star of the single is Natsu no Asa with their folksy arrangement and beautiful presentation from Yuki Kajiura.  I like to see where things go in this era!


Namie Amuro – Hero

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Track Listing

  1. Hero
  2. Show Me What You’ve Got
  3. Hero -Instrumental-
  4. Show Me What You’ve Got -Instrumental-

1. Hero

Chosen to be the NHK theme for the Rio Olympics, Hero is a pretty goddamn interesting song for Namie.  It opens up feeling like a ballad and after the first run-in with the chorus opens further into a dance track!  I really love how radiant this song is and Namie just won me over with her vocals here!  Am a little surprised that it’s almost 6 minutes long, but it’s definitely worth the time spent here!

2. Show Me What You’ve Got

Initially was going to be the B-side for “Mint” but for some reason was swapped out with “Chit Chat” in the end (plus it actually got a PV too!).  I’m a bit surprised with this song as unlike the grandiose “Hero”, this song is written with fun in mind and there’s just a lot of interesting sections (even the chorus has a bit of a fanfare-like sound).  It’s an exciting song in itself and really feels like an A-side to me.



As the 3rd single for the era, Hero is actually my favorite single between them all right now!  Hero just feels like a feelgood Olympic song and has a nice, powerful message while Show Me What You’ve Got is fun and a party in a track!  This is going to become such a strong album whenever she announces one!


Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! August News PT. 2!! August 11, 2016

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We finally got through the week where both a new trailer AND Corocoro releases and we got some interesting new designs and other things!

  • We get our first look at our evil team for our generation, Team Skull!  Also we meet the leader Guzmo and his admin, Plumeria!

Sunabaa, Shirodesuna


So since Corocoro leaked first, I’ll start there.  Our first Pokemon we see are a two-line evolution with Sunabaa & Shirodesuna.  Both are of Ghost / Ground which it shares with the Golurk line!  Honestly, its design is a little of the wall, but there’s been plenty of those since the beginning.  I am loving that there’s a lot of Ghost types being introduced this generation and this one seems cool, if not maybe slow. Beyond that, not much else is known of its abilities or how it evolves.  Hoping that the trailer today would help, but it didn’t appear.



Looks like Bewear does have a pre-evolution!  Nuikoguma is definitely a bit more cuter than its evolution.  It’s typing remains the same as a Normal / Fighting.  That’s all about this lil guy beyond that it was confirmation that the dex leak was pretty much fake.



A Pokemon that first saw light on Corocoro and was later featured in the trailer, Wishiwashi is a pure Water type and normally that would just be boring as there’s plenty of them in the games.  However it comes with a unique ability, Schooling.  Where at a certain level it becomes it fearsome School Form.  Even Gyarados are afraid of it….  Overall, I love the gimmick and this stronger form could be quite useful.



Despite that it did leak from Corocoro (a day later) and then was featured in the trailer, Pyukumuku at first glance looks cute, but boy it sure gets strange.  As another pure Water type, it might not have the gimmick that Wishiwashi has, but because of its design, it also has a new ability, Innards Out, where if it gets fainted the damage it got from the dealing blow is struck back at the opponent at half strength (like Destiny Bond, but weaker).



Then we have the only new Pokemon shown off in the trailer this morning, Morelull!  After being teased with the shenanigan typings of both the Florges line and Comfey, we finally have our first Grass / Fairy type.  We did get the ability choice of Illuminate or Effect Spore so it might be useful, but it might not, who knows.  I’m hoping it evolves into something cool!

Alolan Meowth, Alolan Marowak, Alolan Raichu


So the trailer finishes off with some more Alolan forms of Kanto Pokemon.

Starting with the two from Corocoro, Meowth is first and its typing has changed to a pure Dark type.  Not sure what’ll be like with this new typing or if it’ll gain any new moves, but the thought is there for an Alolan Persian in the future.

Sadly, which it seems that Cubone doesn’t get this change, Marowak is now a Fire / Ghost type which is pretty cool.  Though we did get a hint of this from Kiawe’s profile so this made a WHOLE lot of sense as it’s based around a fire dancer now!

Last, but not least, Like Cubone, Pichu and Pikachu apparantly don’t get Alola forms, but instead Raichu does!  What caught my attention the most of our updated evolution was that now it’s an Electric / Psychic type and floats in the air looking like it’s surfing on its tail!  It really gives me vibes of Puka (the blue-eyed Pikachu from the anime), Surfing Pikachu, and the Raichu animation from using Surf in the Pokemon Stadium games.  Still, a bit odd with Psychic, but I’m definitely enjoying it!


Alright, See you all next month!  Though, I have a feeling it’ll be earlier lol!