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Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! August News (more than likely Pt. 1) August 2, 2016

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Yup, we begin August with a new trailer and surprisingly a hefty amount of news to deal with as well!  Let’s talk about it!

  • We have now Alolan Forms of some classic Pokemon!  Some call it the addition of the Delta Species that was brought in the past in the Trading Card Game.  Although Shellos & Gastrodon had this area difference look (more based on looks than anything else though).
  • What was thought to be finally rideable Pokemon is now called the Poke Ride where you can call specific Pokemon (Charizard, Tauros, Lapras, Stoutland, Sharpedo, Mudsdale) to be able to progress forward, however they won’t be added to your Dex nor team.
  • While not 100% confirmed yet, it feels like there are no gyms in this Generation which is a first!  What is in place it seems are Island Challanges which begins with doing a task from the Captains (Mallow, Lana, Sophocles, and Kiawe (though there may be more).  Then there’s Totem Pokemon fight which bring a main Pokemon from each island and buffs them up (and has helpers) to battle you.
  • Kahunas to me seem like the Island leaders so there’ll be 4 of them with one being the already known Hala.
  • We FINALLY find out what the new bracelet is and it acts like a 5th move for Pokemon.  With the Z Ring and Z Crystals (OIC), your Pokemon can have a 5th move that can be used once a battle (and only 18 moves (one for each type)).  Though your Pokemon has to know a move of a said type like a Pikachu using Gigavolt Havoc would have to know Thundershock, Volt Tackle or similar typed moves.

With all that out of the way, let’s get down to the main Pokemon!

Alolan Exeggutor


With the announcement of the Alola variation of Pokemon (right now only Gen 1 Pokemon), I wasn’t expecting Exeggutor to be getting such a change.  Also if you were wondering it seems like Exeggcute didn’t get the treatment.  This beast also changed its typing to Grass / Dragon which is pretty absurd considering that there’s nothing remotely visually draconic about it.  It’s interesting to say the least and gives something for people to talk about lol.

Alolan Vulpix, Ninetales


Then we get the bigger surprise that Vulpix and Ninetales gets the shifted types!  Instead of the Fire-type originals, now we have Vulpix as an Ice-type and Ninetales is now Ice / Fairy.  I find them really nice and since I already love the originals, this’ll be even cooler (pun intended)!

Alolan Sandshrew, Sandslash


Though I think I was just happy to see the Sandslash love here with both Pokemon being now Ice / Steel type.  I especially love Sandslash’s design here and the spines are sharp icicles and the claws are badass!



The first of the new Pokemon, Oricorio is pretty interesting because the Pokemon itself changes on whatever island you are on.  So it seems that Melemele Island will have the Electric / Flying.  The others being Fire / Flying….Psychic / Flying… Ghost / Flying.  So that also means that perhaps the island deities (like Tapu Koko) will share this primary type.  Back to Oricorio though, it does have a new move with Revelation Dance and like with the Pokemon it belongs to, its typing matches with which type of Oricorio you have.  Also, we learn of it’s ability, Dancer where it copies the opponent if it uses Dance moves (Swords Dance, Quiver Dance, Lunar Dance? xD).



Hasn’t been too long, but it does seem that Mudsdale does evolve from a smaller Pokemon which ironically is a donkey.  Mudbray really didn’t bring anything too newsworthy in its reveal, but it’s just amazingly adorable!



So Yungoos does evolve and it has nothing to with Zangoose luckily!  Though did thy have to design to make it look like Donald Trump?  It’s just not cool lmao!  Beyond its design I didn’t really catch much if there was news about it beyond the fact that it is a Totem Pokemon.



Probably the strangest reveal, I feel like Minior has something weird about it that we still don’t know about.  I mean getting out of the way that it’s a Rock / Flying type, Minior has some odd features.  Its ability, Shields Down, makes it that it’s impervious to status changes and has high defense until Minior’s HP goes under 50%.  Then its shell breaks to reveal the core (which ironically has low defense but higher attack.  On top of that, its shown to come in different colors like Pink, Orange, Blue, and Yellow…of which there’s no real difference between the colors.  I am curious though because of its look and place as a meteorite, will it be related to Lunatone and Solrock?

Fomantis, Lurantis


Last, but not least, we have Fomantis and its evolution Lurantis.  Another line of Pokemon I kind of just let go over my head because I was too interested in every other Pokemon (maybe not so much Mudbray & Gumshoos).  A lot of people wondering why it’s a pure Grass typ and not Grass / Bug because it’s based off an Orchid Mantis.  Though, beyond that I couldn’t remember too much.  Though uhm…a new move called Solar Blade (wait, that’s my online name!!!).

See you in two weeks when Corocoro and apparantly the next trailer releases!!!


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