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Ciao Bella Cinquetti – Alive 4 U!!!! August 7, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Hyper!! Happiness!! (2015.12.27 Toyosu PIT Ver.)
  2. Start
  3. Never Never Give Up (Alive 4 U!!!! Ver.)
  4. BOOM×3 ~Jerashii Chau Zou! Jirashii Chau Zou!~
  5. Omotesandou (Alive 4 U!!!! Ver.)
  6. Doushiyou, Watashi
  7. Futako-Tamagawa (Hashimoto Aina ver.)
  8. True Hearts ~Fantastic 4~ (Ver. A)
  9. Come On! ~Shuuyaku wa Watashi da (Omae mo na!)~
  10. Pi-kan・Sweet Emotion!
  11. Ichigo Ichie
  12. Gimme Vanilla!
  13. True Hearts ~Fantastic 4~ (Ver. B)
  14. GOOD NIGHT SONG (Robiyuki Ban bonus track)
  15. Dream More Dreams! (TWINS Ban bonus track)

1. Hyper!! Happiness!! (2015.12.27 Toyosu PIT Ver.)

Strange to see that the album would kick off with a live version of Hyper!! Happiness!! (which is its first time showing up and all, also, it’s got a different placement on the other edition, but I’ll talk more about that later down the post).  At first the live feel is there and all and I can believe, but then some of it doesn’t sound live?  I don’t know, the song is pretty wild though and the members are pretty energetic to say the least.  Maybe I would’ve just preferred a studio cut of it, but what can I say?

2. Start

Moving on, Start does remind me a little of “Never Never Give Up” except the beat is heavier and the tune has a certain anison kick to it which is pretty nice!  I remember hearing a lot of Robin in the song which is nice because her vocals are pretty edgy and adds a lot to their songs!  There’s just something about it that’s just REALLY similar to other songs though…

3. Never Never Give Up (Alive 4 U!!!! ver.)

So it seems all 3 songs from the first single after the name change were edited (most likely due to cutting out Yurika after she left the group).  After “Start” though, this song feels very underwhelming and the lack of a strong beat makes this song feel almost unfinished in a way.  Never Never Give Up is an OK song, but it just seemed to also miss the mark for me.

4. BOOM×3 ~Jerashii Chau Zou! Jirashii Chau Zou!~

Chosen to promote the album, I wasn’t expecting a high-energy dance track to come from them.  The amount of sawtooth synths was surprising to me and yet gave the group something refreshing to use.  It’s a pretty good driving track and the verses sound aggressive and loud.  Surprising track to come up!

5. Omotesandou (Alive 4 U!!!! ver.)

Just like “Never Never Give Up”, Omotesandou got a small edit with taking out Yurika’s lines and giving them to the remaining 4 members.  Now I never was a huge fan of this song despite it being a Japanese cover, but it’s still comes off so cheesy to listen to.  A bit weird considering it’s between two dance tracks.  Really though, I didn’t even notice Yurika being gone, but I couldn’t exactly hear who took what though.  Still my least favorite of the A-sides.

6. Doushiyou, Watashi

So it doesn’t surprise me that either of the A-sides from the 2nd single for the album didn’t receive changes.  Even now, it’s still the best song they’ve done since the name change as it has a pretty chill vibe mixed with some of the cool EDM vibes that their old company is currently doing.  It’s just a cool song and I really loved Hashimon and Mororin’s vocals here the most even when all 4 have solos throughout!  Also, ANGERME’s Kanon Fukuda wrote the lyrics, so how cool is that?

7. Futako-Tamagawa (Hashimoto Aina ver.)

I will say the biggest surprise is that the 3rd A-side that was changed on the album is a full-on Hashimon solo.  Back on the single review, I did say that of the 3, it was my favorite despite the fact it was a ballad.  Not gonna lie though, maybe it should’ve went the same route as both “Omotesandou” and “Never Never Give Up” did instead of making a solo track because now it sounds lifeless and while I do like Aina, she needed the other 3 to add a bit more life here.  Decent track, but the original single version is much better!

8. True Hearts ~Fantastic 4~ (Ver. A)

There’s two different versions of True Hearts?  This’ll be interesting that’s for certain.  While I know this song has been performed a couple times before the album’s release (even before “Doushiyou, Watashi / Ichigo Ichie” was released.  True Hearts follows “BOOM” with a heavier dance sound and the group being loud and chanty.  It does feel like it goes all over the map in styles and tempo which throws me off a little bit, but it’s still a catchy song and makes me wonder what Ver. B has to offer.

9. Come On! ~Shuuyaku wa Watashi da (Omae mo na!)~

I kind of love the intro to Come On! as it has a little march sound but goes into this happycore kind of arrangement which shocked me a bit there!  I should’ve saw it come, but the song is definitely the cutest track I’ve ran into yet on the album so this might interest idol fans.  Strange song and all and even the the chorus is a bit repetitive here and there, but it’s an energetic song and gets the crowd going.

10. Pi-kan・Sweet Emotion!

If there was a song that reminded me of stuff from their last album, “1116”, then this song might be that.  It’s still a bit more cuter than I thought, but not as sugary as “Come On!”.  I do love the pre-chorus that quiets things down before kickin’ off the loud and bright chorus.  It sure has a lot of someone in it but I couldn’t tell if it was Hashimon or Gotuu.  Very wild and fun!

11. Ichigo Ichie

Then we hit the focal point with Ichigo Ichie which is pretty aggressive and hard-hitting in its pop/rock sound.  Yeah, it does remind me a lot of Buono!’s songs with the similar chords and verses.  I really did like everyone’s energy.  Great A-side and paired awesomely with “Doushiyou, Watashi”.

12. Gimme Vanilla!

I definitely remember hearing this being performed as 5-nin before Yurika left, but I feel happy this actually made the cut!  Like a bunch of other songs on the album, it’s an upbeat dance track but this one feels more raw and focuses on the quartet’s vocals and power.  I’m loving the attitude of the ladies and they give the song an amazing amount of style here even if there’s songs with similar sounds.

13. True Hearts ~Fantastic 4~ (Ver. B)

So version B of True Hearts is actually much shorter than the first version (not even making 3 minutes).  The song feels a bit more empty and stripped until the chorus kicks in where it’s back to upbeat sounds from the first version.  I really don’t know what’s up with its existence besides the fact it’s shorter.


So depending on which version of the album you buy, you’ll end up with a different ending song (which are bonus tracks).  The first is found on the RobiYuki edition of the album and is a self-cover of the B-side off the Robin/Yuki duet single (as THE Possible), “Kingyo Sukui to Hanabi Saikai”.  I was surprised that it’s actually only acoustic guitar and light percussion here so I don’t have the original to compare, but I’m 100% sure that vocally its got MUCH better.  The song does begin with some talking between the members and the studio players.  It’s a nice little rendition and the girls sound so good!

15. Dream More Dreams!

Then we have the TWINS edition exclusive and just like “GOOD NIGHT SONG”, this is also an acoustic rendition of a B-side found on their “Ijiwaru Crazy love” single.  The song is a bit more upbeat in nature and there was nice bass and light sounds on top of pretty sweet-sounding vocals.

Tracks Recommended

  • Doushiyou, Watashi
  • Gimme Vanilla!
  • Ichigo Ichie
  • Dream More Dreams!
  • BOOM×3 ~Jerashii Chau Zou! Jirashii Chau Zou!~

Song of Avoidance

  • True Hearts ~Fantastic 4~ (Ver. B)

As the first album as Ciao Bella Cinquetti, (the group’s actual 4th album), I feel like Alive 4 U!!!! is definitely an upgrade after “1116” with less forgettable songs and much strong output from the members (even if Akiyama is gone).  Now it has to be said that there’s different tracklists between both the RobiYuki & TWINS editions of the album, but it has the same songs barring the choice of the bonus tracks.  Honestly, this was energetic and had a feeling of having fun and being energetic with most tracks!  Great album!


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