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RUMOR: Dex all out?!? (FAKE) August 8, 2016

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So this week has had the Pokefans in busy mode with the recent trailer and because of that, spurred some rumors, especially ones from China after Mallow was shown off which gave credit to some pictures of the final evolutions to the starters, then this morning we get word from 4Chan (yeah, take notice that this could EASILY be a fake thing) that the Alolian Dex was shown off.  Though I want to show my thoughts on it, even if it does become fake by the end of the week or sooner (with Corocoro coming out).

  • Rowlet (Grass / Flying)
  • Archoot (Grass / Flying)
  • Robinroot (Grass / Various) – Though take notice on the final evolution because it sounds like it’ll have choices of Grass / Flying, Grass / Ground, Grass / Electric or pure Grass
  • Litten (Fire)
  • Pantherm (Fire)
  • Beltigre (Fire / Various) – Take notice as the VARIOUS means it can have a choice of Fire / Dark, Fire / Ghost, Fire / Poison or pure Fire
  • Popplio – (Water)
  • Sirilio – (Water)
  • Sirene (Water / Various) –  Though from the various, we get the choice of Water / Fairy, Water / Fighting, Water / Psychic, or pure Water.
  • Pikipek (Normal / Flying)
  • Plukipek (Normal / Flying)
  • Lumbird (Grass / Flying)
  • Yungoos (Normal)
  • Gumshoos (Normal)
  • Grubbin (Bug)
  • Charjabug (Bug / Electric)
  • Vikavolt (Bug / Electric)
  • Rockruff (Rock)
  • Weruff (Rock / Various) – As stated in Corocoro for certain, it shared something with the starters and it sounds like this could be it!  It can have the dual typing of Rock / Dark, Rock / Fighting, Rock / Steel, and Rock / Fairy.
  • Bounsweet (Grass)
  • Bountisteen (Grass / Psychic)
  • Bounsour (Poison)
  • Oricorio (Fire / Flying, Electric / Flying, Psychic / Flying, Ghost / Flying)
  • Pawssum (Dark)
  • Possumime (Dark)
  • Comfey (Fairy)
  • Leirie (Fairy)
  • Cutiefly (Bug / Fairy)
  • Adorasite (Bug / Fairy)
  • Quakitt (Normal / Flying)
  • Bonene (Fairy / Flying)
  • Bewear (Normal / Fighting)
  • Komala (Normal)
  • Dormala (Normal / Psychic)
  • Bruxby (Water / Psychic)
  • Bruxish (Water / Psychic)
  • Pesp (Water / Psychic)
  • Peskool (Water / Psychic)
  • Mudbray (Ground)
  • Mudsdale (Ground)
  • Minior (Rock / Flying)
  • Mightior (Rock / Flying)
  • Darline (Normal / Various)
  • Darwisker (Normal / Various) – Can breed into any of the types, hence the typing)
  • Caterburr (Bug / Ice)
  • Parkoon (Bug / Ice)
  • Flycicle (Bug / Ice)
  • Hijakoon (Bug / Dark)
  • Snohom (Ice / Ghost)
  • Snororr (Ice / Ghost)
  • Delfin (Water)
  • Porprise (Water / Various) – Like Rockruff, it can have the choice of Water / Ice, Water / Steel, and Water / Dragon
  • Cumbersum (Water)
  • Anemenie (Water / Poison)
  • Mimikyu (Ghost / Fairy)
  • Togedemaru (Electric / Steel)
  • Softle (Ground)
  • Panquake (Ground / Dark)
  • Shrimpod (Bug)
  • Wimpod (Bug / Water)
  • Champod (Bug / Water)
  • Goruggla (Fighting / Ground)
  • Drakid (Normal / Dragon)
  • Drampa (Normal / Dragon)
  • Lumage (Psychic)
  • Laspell (Psychic)
  • Libraid (Psychic)
  • Fiddlob (Steel / Water)
  • Caluca (Steel / Water)
  • Badpole (Poison)
  • Salandit (Poison / Fire)
  • Swindlewt (Poison / Fire)
  • Germik (Grass)
  • Peppire (Grass / Fire)
  • Triburn (Grass / Fire)
  • Fomantis (Grass)
  • Lurantis (Grass)
  • Fungkis (Poison / Fairy)
  • Hallucid (Poison / Fairy)
  • Cubbadge (Fighting)
  • Meritote (Fighting)
  • Stalute (Fighting / Steel)
  • Hydratom (Normal / Water)
  • Posatom (Fire / Water)
  • Negatom (Electric / Water)
  • Scruluse (Steel)
  • Structor (Steel)
  • Crypti (Ice / Fighting)
  • Dustrance (Fairy / Ground)
  • Guardrake (Dragon)
  • Guaroyal (Dragon)
  • Torgoyle (Dragon / Fighting)
  • Forgoyle (Dragon / Steel)
  • Cosmot (Dark / Electric)
  • Spectrodon (Dark / Electric)
  • Quasaur (Dark / Electric)
  • Tapu Koko (Electric / Fairy)
  • Tapu Pipi (Fire / Fairy)
  • Tapu Poloka (Psychic / Fairy)
  • Tapu Mano (Ghost / Fairy)
  • Solgaleo (Psychic / Steel)
  • Lunala (Psychic / Ghost)
  • Malshadow (Dark / Fire) – Though apparantly it’ll have an ability to change typings
  • Magearna (Steel / Fairy)


So looking through that list there’s some interesting things going on here!

-Right off the bat going off the first Chinese leaks, because of Mallow’s existence the final evolutions seem to be legit (about 90%).

-Seeing that Robinroot, Beltigre, Sirene, Weruff, and Porprise can be had in different typings.  While the idea behind them is shrouded right now, I’m curious to how this is supposed to work and why Weruff and Porprise are the 2 non-starters chosen to have this distinction.

-With Bounsweet and Bounsour, I wonder if they’re separate entities and not a part of a split evolution.  Though I couldn’t see Bountisteen evolving into Bounsour though.

-I feel like the Bruxish & Peskool lines will be game exclusive lines because they’re next to each other and share the same typings.

-Still curious what (if any) differences are between the Minior forms and if it’ll make a difference once it evolves.

-Darline & Darwisker can have any of the types???

-Does Caterburr have a split evolution to either Parkoon or Hijakoon?  Also how does this evolution make it Dark in the latter?

-Hydratom, Posatom, and Negatom…are they going to be the trio?

-Split evolution for the Torgoyle / Forgoyle line it seems?

-The Tapus are between Rooster, Cow, Frog, and Shark…and they share the same primary typing with the different forms of Oricorio.  Be interesting to see how this turns out.

-Malshadow might not have a unique typing (sharing with Houndoom), but there’s still something mysterious about it

-Alolan forms do not apply to the dex as they’re of Kanto Pokemon.

-Not all event Pokemon are present like how it was in the last generation (when hackers found Diancie, Hoopa, and Volcanion were found a couple months after the game released).


Well, after the Corocoro magazine leaked, Bewear has a pre-evolution where this list didn’t have one hence, this is fake…though it did get people talking which is awesome!…I’ll make a post later on the new Pokemon!


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