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Kalafina – blaze August 12, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. blaze
  2. Natsu no Asa
  3. blaze ~instrumental~
  4. Natsu no Asa ~instrumental~
  5. blaze ~TV size~

1. blaze

It’s been a while, but it seems we’ve finally got our next Kalafina A-side and boy does this song sound anison as hell!  Like, almost Naruto-esque with the kind of pop/rock arrangement going on.  Despite the kind of unique direction the trio took for this song, I do feel like because of its sound it almost sounds generic if not for the heavenly vocals here.  There’s even some cool parts like the bridge for sure.  It’ll probably grow on me after more listens at least!

2. Natsu no Asa

Did “Natsu no Ringo” & the other folksy songs get another to drop into its folder?  It sure seems like and it honestly sounds like the aforementioned song especially with the flute melody that plays around the song.  I really do enjoy hearing their folk tracks as they give plenty of shine to the trio’s vocals.  Definitely a sweet song and a good B-side!



After a nice lengthy break after their 5th album, Kalafina releases a new single to begin the road to the 6th album and blaze for the most part is OK.  It’s still nothing too groundbreaking, but I feel like blaze can be memorable, though I feel like the star of the single is Natsu no Asa with their folksy arrangement and beautiful presentation from Yuki Kajiura.  I like to see where things go in this era!


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