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Namie Amuro – Hero August 12, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Hero
  2. Show Me What You’ve Got
  3. Hero -Instrumental-
  4. Show Me What You’ve Got -Instrumental-

1. Hero

Chosen to be the NHK theme for the Rio Olympics, Hero is a pretty goddamn interesting song for Namie.  It opens up feeling like a ballad and after the first run-in with the chorus opens further into a dance track!  I really love how radiant this song is and Namie just won me over with her vocals here!  Am a little surprised that it’s almost 6 minutes long, but it’s definitely worth the time spent here!

2. Show Me What You’ve Got

Initially was going to be the B-side for “Mint” but for some reason was swapped out with “Chit Chat” in the end (plus it actually got a PV too!).  I’m a bit surprised with this song as unlike the grandiose “Hero”, this song is written with fun in mind and there’s just a lot of interesting sections (even the chorus has a bit of a fanfare-like sound).  It’s an exciting song in itself and really feels like an A-side to me.



As the 3rd single for the era, Hero is actually my favorite single between them all right now!  Hero just feels like a feelgood Olympic song and has a nice, powerful message while Show Me What You’ve Got is fun and a party in a track!  This is going to become such a strong album whenever she announces one!


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