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Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! August News PT. 3!! August 20, 2016

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Wow, it just seems GameFreak just keeps rolling out the news.  This time is from both Gamescom (EU E3) and the Worlds Championship.  There wasn’t too much from the new systems or anything rather in-game, but we did get confirmation of some new Pokemon and some Corocoro released Pokemon, so let’s go down!



So it feels like this should come first.  At Gamescom, the company decided to show off more of the Battle Royal and then endthe session with a showing of a new Pokemon, Turtonator.  Interestingly enough, it is a Fire / Dragon type (the first that isn’t a legendary (Reshiram)).  It does come with a unique move in Shell Trap which acts like a counter by giving double damage once it’s set up.  I personally feel like it was shown off randomly, and somehow gives off this feeling that it’ll have a pre-evolution in the future.



We finally get the English names for our Corocoro entries finally (though it has only been about over a week since they were introduced).  Stufful of course eventually evolves into Bewear and it does share the same typings and abilities.  Really though, it’s just an adorable Pokemon and its backside has a little tag on it which is too cute!  Much more better than Bewear’s design!

Sandygast, Palossand


Yup, the strange sandcastle Pokemon has also been given its English names so if you missed my initial impressions, then there’s a previous post the talks about their designs and typings!  Though we did get info on its ability, Water Composition where its defense goes up two levels after being hit by a Water attack.  After seeing them in in-game footage though, I like Sandygast, but Palossand needs a little more time to grow on me.



The last Pokemon shown off was actually the only new Pokemon shown at Worlds (because Stufful, Sandygast, and Palossand were shown off previously).  When I saw this, I immediately thought it was going to be a Water type, but in all reality it’s actually a Fighting type.  A little strange, but here’s hoping that it’ll be evolving into something scary!



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