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Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! September News Pt. 1 (Direct & Trailer) September 7, 2016

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So another month and another barrage of news in the Pokemon world concerning the upcoming Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun & Moon.

  • There are a couple specific Z-Stones in the game and the two we know is for Alolan Raichu and Snorlax (the latter being the first event distribution for the game).
  • A new organization was revealed to be the Aether Foundation which is headed by Lusamine, her Branch Chief Faba and Assistant Wicke.  The premise for the organization is to protect Pokemon in a place called Aether Paradise (which is the manmade island in the middle of the Alola map).  Honestly, from looking at the footage of the organization, the connections to the Ultra Beasts and some of the background hinting…I call bullshit on their “goody-good looks”…
  • Which isn’t helped by the reveal of the new Team Skull member, Gladion who ironically shares the same skin, eye, and hair color as both Lusamine and Lillie
  • As mentioned, Ultra Beasts were announced and I’m not quite sure where it lands if its actual monsters or Pokemon.  Though name-wise it’s slightly unoriginal and the first is seen coming from a portal at the Aether Paradise sooooooo….another red flag for Aether.
  • Poke Finder was announced and for what it sounds like it’s Pokemon Snap xD..take pictures of Pokemon and send it online and it’ll get (hopefully positive things).
  • Oh yeah, Pokemon Sun and Moon are seperated by 12 hours (Sun actually follows current time while Moon is pushed 12 hours (making them opposite when it’s played).

With that out of the way, let’s meet the new Pokemon (and that Ultra Beast)!

Alolan Rattata & Alolan Raticate


So I’m starting out with these two because Rattata was actually introduced in the Nintendo 3DS direct that happened at the beginning of the month.  Surprise though that they are now Dark / Normal.  While the story about this change came about because of sending Yungoos to deal with regular Rattatas and in turn led into the rat Pokemon becoming nocturnal.  I will say Raticate looks hilarious with the pudgy look.  It’s interesting to say the least and the coloration is cool too. Also Alolan Raticate is the Totem Pokemon on Melemele Island in Moon (while Gumshoos is the Totem in Sun).



Wow, interesting looking Dragon.  Probably the Pokemon that made the least amount of hype for me.  Jangmo-o is to me what I think might be the pseudo-legendary, but I could easily be wrong.  I like the heart-shaped head shield it has, but really I want to learn more about this one! It reminds of a Neopet, to be honest.

Type: Null


Ehhh???  Why give it a name such as that?  I mean Null is the name of the helmet it’s wearing and it’s supposed to hinder it’s strong power.  Beyond the weird name, it is based on the Chimera which is made up of different animal parts (like as it’s seen here).  I am a little surprised by the Normal type. Still, it looks pretty badass and it’s used by Gladion in the game, so who knows how we’ll be able to get our hands on it!



Now we have our Ultra Beast.  Codenamed UB-01 (sounds like the first of many), there’s not a whole lot of infomation currently behind it besides we apparantly meet it for the first time at the Aether Paradise.  The Pokemon site says that it moves like a little girl and because of other eerily connections, maybe people believe it’ll be related to Lillie in some kind of way.  No type, no ability…don’t even know if it’ll be catchable in the game



In the Japanese version of the trailer today, we also caught a little glance of Cutiefly’s evolution…no name yet and we might get that info in Corocoro later in the week so…this is a thing.



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