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FLOW – Kaze no Uta/BURN September 10, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Kaze no Uta
  2. BURN
  3. Kaze no Uta -Instrumental-
  4. BURN -Instrumental-
  5. Kaze no Uta -TV Size-
  6. BURN -Game Size-
  7. Kaze no Uta -TV Size Inst.-
  8. BURN -Game Size Inst.-

1. Kaze no Uta

As a song titled as Song of the Wind, Kaze no Uta definitely feels like a breezier entry for the band including more acoustic guitar and just a lighter arrangement overall.  I do have to say that the singers do a great job as per usual.  While I do love their edgier songs, Kaze no Uta isn’t a bad song and does a nice job for its anime tie-in!


As the theme for Tales of Berseria, the intro for me sounded familiar for some reason but I couldn’t really place it.  After the piano/strings intro, the actual song kicks off and it’s a lot more of what I was expecting from FLOW with such an honorable tie-in!  It’s catering to the fans that like more of their rockin’ tracks and I’m loving the mix of jazzy bits in the pre-chorus to the open chorus.  Great track overall!



FLOW returns after their 10th album with a pretty big single in Kaze no Uta/BURN being tie-ins for the Tales of… series.  While I do think BURN is the better song with its stronger arrangement and powerful punch (and surprises), Kaze no Uta is no slouch either, giving us a lighter and airy song.  Great way to kick off a new album era.



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