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T.M.Revolution – RAIMEI September 10, 2016

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Track Listing

  2. Route 20 Exclusive Medley
  3. RAIMEI (Thunderbolt Fantasy Touriken Yuuki OP ver.)
  4. RAIMEI instrumental


I suppose we needed another high-octane song from T.M.R and we’re here with RAIMEI which honestly sounds a lot like “resonance” and a lot of his other works.  There’s just something about this song that makes me yawn and make me thing Asakura might be running out of ideas for songs as they’re once starting to jumble into the same ole, same ole.

2. Route 20 Exclusive Medley


It seems that this time we aren’t doing Re:boot versions on this single and instead we have a medley of 3 of his A-sides, granted no idea why it’s these three and for what reason.  For a 15 minute track, this is pretty cool watching the songs get transformed into a mix of synths and hard rock (almost making me feel like there’s some abingdon boys school riffs going on here.  I actually didn’t remember how HIGH PRESSURE or WHITE BREATH went, but this made me appreciate them with this new arrangement and HOT LIMIT was pretty good too, but I’ll take HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR’s cover of it.



As the first single after their best, RAIMEI is meh single for me with the leading song not really breaking new ground and sticking to what they’ve know with their anison songs.  Even though the medley tried to fix things (and trust me, it tried), I feel like this was a thrown out single to make due.


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