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TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Shinkai September 10, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Shinkai -Hi-ra Mix-
  2. Kimi e -Royal Mirrorball Mix-
  3. Shinkai -Royal Mirrorball Mix- (CD only)
  4. Shinkai -Hi-ra Mix- (Instrumental)
  5. Kimi e -Royal Mirrorball Mix- (Instrumental)

1. Shinkai -Hi-ra Mix-

As the leading version of the single, Shinkai begins with a simple snapping beat and then turns into a pretty cool EDM track with some tricks up its sleeves.  It is a bit slower than their normal sound, but the change of the arrangement is pretty neat (except for the interludes…a little out of place).  Still it’s nice to see that Hitomi and now Yuri kind of have front lines this time.  Overall it’s nice, but “Never ever” was way better!

2. Kimi e -Royal Mirrorball Mix-

To bring back some familiarity, we have RM remixes next, the first is of a song that was released in its original arrangement back in April and now reappeared as a remix.  As I mentioned already for long-time fans you already know what’ll sound like essentially.  A lot of brass and funk involved.  The tune itself is alright, but there are some weak vocals here and there (the kind of pseudo-rap section is a major red flag).  To be honest, it’s one of the lesser-liked remixes RM has done.

3. Shinkai -Royal Mirrorball Mix-

On CD only versions of the single, it comes with another Royal Mirrorball remix, but this time of the leading track!  After being disappointed over “Kimi e’s” remix, I was hoping Shinkai’s was better, but I think I might’ve expected too much because while it has more oomph, the track sounds so much like their previous songs that it’s just hard to separate it from the similar tracks.



As the first single since Ayano Konishi left the group, Shinkai feels a bit like nothing has totally changed except that Yuri has a lot more lines than before.  Really it’s just the usual release for the group.  The leading mix of Shinkai is OK, but definitely not better than their last single.  The remixes are more or less the same as we’ve been getting for years so meh.  Overall, it just seems to be that weird transitioning era of trying to fill in the hole that Ayano left.


One Response to “TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Shinkai”

  1. jinhwa Says:

    Another great review! I feel that the hole that Ayano left is too big for Yuri to fill. Ayano’s voice, especially sad voice, is full of emotions. I was hoping they can find an Ayano’s replacement. But i guess the remaining four members’ friendship is too good for another girl to fill in. And as long as Hitomi stays, they still sound like TGS.

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