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UVERworld – WE ARE GO/ALL ALONE September 10, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. WE ARE GO
  3. Colors of the Heart (Live at Marine Messe Fukuoka 2015.12.30)
  4. Kokoro ga Sasu Basho to Kuchiguse Soshite Kimi ga Tsuite Kuru (Live at Zepp Tokyo 2008.06.02)
  5. WE ARE GO (short ver.)


Ignoring the Engrishness of the title, WE ARE GO is pretty different for the band, but yet familiar to many of their loud and proud songs.  Including a good amount of saxophone and a pounding beat, WE ARE GO is one of the hardest A-sides they’ve done in quite a while.  While the melody is hard to pinpoint sometimes because of its chant-heavy sound…it’s a loud song and would be amazing live!


As for the other A-side, ALL ALONE is a lighter affair that has TAKUYA rapping alongside some light arrangements and acoustic guitar though it does come and go with heavier sounds throughout the song.  I do feel like this is more akin to what I expected of UVERworld at this point.  It’s actually not bad and while TAKUYA sounds all over the place (once again, normal) it’s sticking out better than “WE ARE GO” did.

3. Colors of the Heart (Live at Marine Messe Fukuoka 2015.12.30)

So the remainder of the single contains live songs of tracks of the past starting with Colors of the Heart (which was their 4th single).  Returning to a song from the past is nice and I was a pretty big fan of this one when I took a listen and hearing it live is just awesome!  Even the crowd was way into it which is pretty rad!

4. Kokoro ga Sasu Basho to Kuchiguse Soshite Kimi ga Tsuite Kuru (Live at Zepp Tokyo 2008.06.02)

Then we get to the other song which is an album song from their sophomore album, “PROGLUTION” and honestly, I’ve actually never heard this song (hint,hint).  What surprised me more is that they chose a performance from 2008 (wow…that’s 8 years ago >.>).  As one of the more serious songs in their discography, this long titled track sounds pretty good live and TAKUYA sounds a lot more youthful (thanks 8 years).  One of the few slow UVER songs I can dig!



Has it really been almost a year since they released “I LOVE THE WORLD”?  It sure doesn’t feel like it.  Anyway, their return with WE ARE GO/ALL ALONE is OK for the most part.  I would say the weakest track is WE ARE GO because it feels more like a B-side or a tour-only track for pumping crowds up but in a studio…didn’t really mesh well.  At least ALL ALONE is a bit true to form so I suppose it saved the single.  Though the live versions were a nice treat (weird for the 2nd live being so old).  Interesting single overall!


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