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Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! September News Pt. 2 (Corocoro & Trailer) September 24, 2016

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Yeah as we’re heading for the end of the month we had Corocoro leak and another official trailer released (technically two, but the first was little to no information given really.  So let’s talk about the small things

  • Customization is finally confirmed and there’s a LOT more choices this time around even a small nudge towards a new Pokemon (looks like a toucan actually!)
  • Pokemon-amie is now called Pokemon Refresh and this time comes with an additional things you can do including taking off their status effects (eh, Poke Centers becoming less necessary?).
  • Forgot to mention but we did get our first version exclusives from old Pokemon with the Drifblim line in Sun and the Mismagius line in Moon.

So let’s get on to our new Pokemon!

Lycanrok (Midday & Midnight Form)


Let’s start things off with with Corocoro new Pokemon starting with the answer to the mystery of Rockruff.  Now this post in itself is entirely about Version Exclusives.  So with Lycanrok, in Sun it has the Midday form (on the left) and in Moon you’ll get Midnight form (due to the power of Solgaleo & Lunala respectively.  As both are still Rock types, I don’t feel too much out of them but at least the Midday form learns an exclusive move in Accerlerock which it always goes first.  Midnight form gets Counter, but it’s a well-known move.

UB02: Absorption, UB02: Beauty


While we still don’t know the true purpose of the Ultra Beats, we do get two more in Absorption and Beauty (UB01 does have a name but it’ll come sometime later.  Personally, I think the designs are quite something and definitely doesn’t scream Pokemon right now but they are seen in-game fighting against Tapu Koko.  It doesn’t help that Beauty looks a LOT like Lusamine (the head of the Aether Foundation) and the color scheme of Absorption does suit Gladion (member of Team Skull) and on top of UB01 looking like Lillie…this could be quite interesting!

Passimian & Oranguru


The last two on this post are also split into each version and are not related in evolution!

The Pokemon in sun is Passimian who is funny enough a pure Fighting type.  While I am interested because it does support the Chinese leaks, in-game it has a new ability called Receiver where in 2 vs. 2 battles, if your team member faints, Passimian will obtain their ability.

In Moon, we get Oranguru which is the 3rd Normal/Psychic (next to both Girafarig & Meloetta).  Personally, I wasn’t surprised by all the Harambe jokes, but c’mon XD.  Anyways, Oranguru has a new move called Instruct where it makes the Pokemon it uses it on use the same move.



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