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GENERATION 6: OR/AS Megas? October 5, 2016

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I guess I should get through this before more Generation 7 things happen, so this post is all about the Megas that were introduced in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire (the Hoenn remakes).

Mega Beedrill


Kicking things off, I wasn’t expecting a lot of these Pokémon to get Mega forms so here we have Beedrill first and it looks so badass and even more dangerous than its regular form!  I’m really liking how many stingers it has (and its arms make it look like it’s holding lances!  Just a vicious design!  Add on its Adaptability ability where STAB goes up to double the power, and you have a very fast very powerful Beedrill!

Mega Pidgeot


Another Pokémon that I didn’t expect to get a Mega Pokémon, Pidgeot is an interesting choice though as it’s another kind of out there choice, but having it more powerful and quicker is a winner and its new ability No Guard (all attacks hit 100% of the time).  While it might not stick out from the other Megas, it’s pretty decent of a design.

Mega Slowbro


I think the most unfortunate of the second batch of Megas come in the form of Mega Slowbro who now is being swallowed whole by the Shellder that attached to its tail.  Now it seems that Slowbro has to balance on its tail and it just doesn’t seem to work.  Doesn’t help that its ability, Shell Armor doesn’t do it better and you just got an absurd Pokémon.

Mega Steelix


Moving onto the lone entry from Gen 2, Steelix interestingly got a Mega Evolution and it’s a little strange to be quite honest.  It’s design on the main body got a little more oomph on it and the crystal pillars are pretty cool too, but it’s the floating ring of metal that surrounds Steelix that throws me off a little bit (maybe magnetism at hand?).  While it’s ability, Sand Stream might not have too many uses, it’s suiting!

Mega Sceptile


So many were excited to see Blaziken get a Mega in X/Y but a lot of fans were clamoring that the other Hoenn starters were left in the dark but clearly they were left for something better!  Sceptile here looks a lot more vicious and striking as a Mega and it helps that it also gained a type now being a Grass/Dragon with the ability, Lightningrod (where Electric attacks will always go to Sceptile in double/triple battles).  Odd choice but hey!

Mega Swampert


Of course I feel like Mega Swampert seemed to be the Mega left behind because while it didn’t have the longevity that Blaziken had and the interesting typing of Sceptile, there really wasn’t much left for poor Swampert to stand out.  It does get Swift Swim (doubles speed in Rain).  Otherwise, it seems like a more bulky and rotund Swampert and meeeeh.

Mega Sableye


I feel like maybe there was a missed chance when they dealt with Sableye here.  Minus the now RED hexagonal eyes, the only actual change is now Sableye carries a huge gemstone (which explains its higher defense).  It does have Magic Bounce which is really nice, overall it’s still a pretty decent Pokémon, just it could’ve had more to its design.

Mega Sharpedo


The next two Pokémon primarily got their evolutions as they are mostly the mascots for both Team Aqua & Team Magma equally.  Sharpedo originally looks strange, stinted, and just awkward, but luckily its Mega form fixes a lot of that up and now looks like a great threat!  Even has Tyrantrum’s ability, Strong Jaw (biting moves get 50% more attack power).

Mega Camerupt


To be quite honest, I wasn’t expecting Camerupt to get a Mega, but it seems like its design went further into its shtick being a camel (or cow?) with a volcano on its back.  I also like that it further delved into its Fire side of its Fire/Ground typing.  Plus, the lava running down on its back.  At the end of the day, I think it’s a good look, but nothing I’d probably get use out of in-game.

Mega Altaria


I actually was hoping to see Flygon get a Mega, but Altaria was actually a good second choice for me as it’s another Dragon Pokémon getting some love (like Salamence).  Though here we see a pretty great change with Mega Altaria now being Dragon/Fairy type which means it cancels itself out by weaknesses.  I had great memories with Altaria in the original R/S so now I can have even more with this new Mega!!!

Mega Glalie


Another Pokémon I was actually surprised to see a Mega out of, Glalie seems a bit random (though it and Steelix’s Mega Stone were actually obtainable in the demo) Glalie just to me didn’t seem like one to need it (or give it one and Froslass one).  It reminds me of a bit of Cloyster, but also maybe a little of Cryogonal.  Still, it’s a rather oi ve Mega, but it’s nice I guess?

Mega Salamence


What happened to Salamence?  I mean it’s original look is amazing and a great draconic design for Hoeen, but once we brought in the Megas, I didn’t think that it was have a crescent moon for wings?  It seems to overwhelm the body which also doesn’t help that the body look so miniscule otherwise.  Although, having Aerilate (Normal moves are now Flying type) sounds a lot more interesting than Intimidate and Moxie, but this design might be too much!

Mega Metagross


I wasn’t surprised that Metagross was getting a Mega but interestingly enough most people who played OR/AS from its initial release date actually ended up with a Shiny Beldum that led into a Shiny Metagross (it’s actually Silver and not the blue).  I do like that it continues it’s growth of arms and now looks like an X.  Even better that it’s more powerful due to its ability Tough Claws (physical hitting moves gain 33% damage boost).

Mega Latias & Mega Latios


So both Latias & Latios are an interesting duo.  Their Megas actually was found initially in the coding for X/Y but for some reason was held back to OR/AS and they both had importance to the story (sort-of).  Design-wise, I’m quite disappointed that they’re the same color and general look (minus the eyes).  I actually also like they have the new Soar move where they can take you anywhere on the map (even routes).  Still, I would’ve enjoyed more separation between the two.

Primal Groudon


So the Hoenn remakes brought a new kind of Mega Evolution to the table with Primal Reversions (which brought back the Pokémon to their original power levels).  Of course this only was for both Groudon and Kyogre.  Sadly the designs mostly stay the same except for the fat that they have symbols all over their body.  What’s more interesting is that Groudon got an extra type so now it’s a Ground/Fire and its signature ability, Desolate Land makes it extremely sunny!

Primal Kyogre


Though it does feel like Kyogre got the short end of the stick as it remained the same typing and the visual changes are even more subtle than I thought.  It’s ability Primordial Sea makes it rain heavily.  Still, I do like Kyogre and ended up with one in Alpha Sapphire, but clearly the attention was placed on Groudon in this game!

Mega Rayquaza


Hm?  We’re not getting a Primal Rayquaza but instead just a regular Mega?  It’s a bit strange considering it is part of that trio.  Also weird is that it doesn’t require a Mega Stone but instead a move called Dragon Ascent (its now Signature Move).  Also it has an ability called Delta Stream where picks up heavy wind and Flying moves do less damage.  It’s a crazy design and the tendril-like appendages look pretty wild too!

Mega Lopunny


Looks like Sinnoh got two more Megas and Lopunny was an actual surprise after fans kind of declared it a little tasteless as it’s a bit like a playboy bunny.  With this new Mega, Lopunny gains a new type making it a Normal/Fighting type (shares with Pirouette Form Meloetta).  It also gets Scrappy where it’s able to hit Ghost types.  Overall, it’s a stronger design and the new typing is great to showcase its powers.

Mega Gallade


I suppose from the fans clamoring that it wasn’t fair that Gardevoir got a Mega but Gallade didn’t, in OR/AS, we got a pretty badass Mega to make up for the lack of it in X/Y.  Not really changing too much beyond its stats and look, I still think it’s just edgy and reminds me of a knight!

Mega Audino


I wonder why of all the Unova Pokémon, Audino was the one chosen to get a Mega in OR/AS.  I do like that in through all of this it gains the Fairy type to be now a Normal/Fairy Pokémon.  Though slightly bummed it doesn’t get a new ability from the changes.  It’s cute, but that’s all that it has going for it.

Mega Diancie


It did seem that at the time, it was strange seeing an event Pokémon that we didn’t even have yet got a Mega Evolution, but more or less came out rather simultaneously as well.  Mega Diancie looks a LOT more elegant and pretty overall than its regular form.  Though I can wonder if maybe one day we’ll get a Mega Megearna because of the relation between the two.  Still, Diancie is great and now its Mega Form is even better!