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Crystal Kay – Lovin’ You October 6, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Lovin’ You
  2. Silent Goodbye
  3. Suki

1. Lovin’ You

Whenever I see this title, I don’t know why I immediately think it’s going to be a Minnie Riperton cover, luckily it isn’t!  It opens up with a lone piano melody and Crystal’s soothing voice which always impresses me.  Then the chorus hits and I’m just a tad bit annoyed at how much she repeats ~lovin’ you~ and yet everything else is just so pristine.  Also it’s weird because it’s really the only part that feels slightly R&B.  It’s OK, a bit better than “Sakura” but not really a strong A-side either.

2. Silent Goodbye

A 5 minute ballad?  Well here goes nothing!  The first B-side, Silent Goodbye actually to me should’ve been the leading track as there’s more movement and the song isn’t quite as grating in annoyance either.  I really like Kuri’s soft-sung vocals and the push to the chorus is really pretty that leads to this kind of strong chorus (with a touch of electric guitar).  Yeah, why wasn’t this the A-side?

3. Suki

The last B-side is actually a bit surprise to me.  Right from the start of the lyrics, I instantly recognized this as the DREAMS COME TRUE song…though she already covered it once back in 2008 (on her “ONE” single).  While the first time she covered was upbeat and danceable, she returned to this song and made more of a ballad (a little closer to the original).  Nice vocals overall, but the song is a bit forgetful, so I’ll stick with the dance version please and thank you!



Yikes, I feel like Kuri is going through this soft ballad phase and I’m just not into it really.  Lovin’ You could’ve been better if it hadn’t been as repetitive as it is making Silent Goodbye the actual interesting song of the single.  Her second time covering Suki is OK, but nothing that catches my eye personally.  Another single though that kind of falls flat overall…



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