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DUSTZ – S#0 October 6, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. S#0
  2. Party Time
  3. S#0 (Off Vocal Ver.)

1. S#0

The first thing I thought of when I heard S#0 was that it reminds me a lot of various rock themes for animes which isn’t a totally exciting thing, but somewhat expected.  However, things change when I hear the verses which has some cool synth effects.  It’s much better than I thought it would be after taking a couple listens and its great that Ray used some French in the song to add some extra kick.  I actually quite dig it!

2. Party Time

As for the B-side, I wasn’t expecting a sort of experimental EDM track for them, but it does stick out for me due to Ray’s quick-paced singing which is impressive as English is thrown in their for good measure.  I just found it unique and the energy is off the wall and just ooooh!



Though this did come out over 2 years after their first album, “TROIS” back at the end 2011 hit…I didn’t even know it released!  Though they haven’t released anything since then unfortunately, but S#0 is a pretty great single from the band!  S#0 is pretty strong for an A-side though it can be a smidge predictable while Party Time is just heavy and club-thumping…I do hope DUSTZ releases more because they were a band that needed to be watched for sure!


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