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AAA – Namida no Nai Sekai October 7, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Namida no Nai Sekai
  2. Yell
  3. Jewel
  4. Namida no Nai Sekai (Instrumental)
  5. Yell (Instrumental)
  6. Jewel (Instrumental)

1. Namida no Nai Sekai

The single opens with the leading song and no surprise that it’s a ballad.  After the last couple of A-sides that were ballads, Namida no Nai Sekai had some shoes to fill which wasn’t too much to bargain for as a lot of them didn’t really stand out.  At first, I was surprised that I heard very little of Misako and Chiaki (only appearing during the bridge of the song) so the rest is mostly from Nissy, Urata, Shinji, and Shuta (with a little rap section for Hidaka).  Honestly, it’s nothing to exciting and curious to why a mostly guy-led song was an A-side.

2. Yell

Initially released back in July as a digital single, I was surprised to see this appearing on their single.  It’s hard to say where this song falls, but it moves lot nicer and has a poppier feel than “Namida no Nai Sekai”.  It does feel like an album song though because while it has everyone involved, the tune has a ending quality to it and it doesn’t feel quite strong to hold itself as a leading song (good as a B-side though).  It feels like a song that could’ve been on one of their later albums, but still it’s a decent song.

3. Jewel

If “Namida no Nai Sekai” was the boys-only song, then Jewel is the all-female track (makes sense because this song also got a PV).  It does carry some of their more EDM-ish sound but it’s also like bubblegum in a way.  I really like that the verses are sung in a lower range and then they get higher.  Definitely the best track of the single, but there’s still something missing to it that really seals the deal for me and usually Misako/Chiaki songs are on point!



AAA releases their 2nd single of the era with Namida no Nai Sekai and I’m just kind of shrugging a little bit.  The leading song is a bit boring and with just having the guys on it was a bit of a letdown but was made even with Jewel which was the best of the single.  Yell falls into the middle, but considering its been out for 2 months just doesn’t make up for the other two tracks.



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