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Up Up Girls – !!!!!!!!/Kimi to Iu Kasetsu October 14, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. !!!!!!!!
  2. Kimi to Iu Kasetsu
  3. YOLO (Regular A only)
  4. Future&Past! (Regular B only)
  5. Ran Ran Ran (Limited only)
  6. Abyssal Drop (Akari Saho Vocal Ver.) (Limited only)
  7. Party People Alien (DJ WILDPARTY Remix) (Limited only)
  8. Barebare I LOVE YOU ∞ Remix (Limited only)
  9. !!!!!!!! (Instrumental)
  10. Kimi to Iu Kasetsu (Instrumental)
  11. YOLO (Instrumental)
  12. Future&Past! (Instrumental)
  13. Ran Ran Ran (Instrumental)

1. !!!!!!!!

Titled as Ban Ban Ban as well, our first track opens with a pleasant solo from Akari with some light acoustic guitar which was surprising which carries a lot through the song.  Though after the introduction, the track really takes off as more of a pop/rock track and while Akari is still lead vocalist, it’s a pretty cool song that just is fun and rocks out!  Really though, the song is energetic and a goo way to kick things off for the single!

2. Kimi to Iu Kasetsu

The other A-side of the single, is a bit more lighter in sound taking in a mix of some oriental strings and some EDM, but a much poppier side to it.  Unlike “!!!!!!!!”, it feels like this song has a bit more equality in line distribution amongst the 7.  I also am really liking the voices in the song and they’ve grown a LOT since debut.  There’s a bit of some sentimentality about this song as it sounds really happy, but grateful too maybe?  It could just be the PV it got.  It’s a decent song that’s for sure!


As the first track that was performed from the single, why am I surprised by the title lol.  Also, it’s going to be a bit bumpy because different editions include different tracks.  Regular A got YOLO of course while B got “Future&Past!”.  While it’s not as silly fun as “!!!!!!!!”, I do like the more down to earth lyrics and mix of pop/rock here.  Though I can also see why it was merely a B-side because it doesn’t quite stand out as much as the other songs from the single.

4. Future&Past!

The other song (found on Regular B editions) is a bit harder of a listen IMO.  At first, the arrangement was pretty smooth with the EDM (reminded me of stuff like “Cyalume” and “Beautiful Days” with the more ethereal flow of the track.  Then it kind of goes into this breakdown which ruined a bit of the song for me personally…it was a bit much of a shift.  Not exactly my favorite from the single…

5. Ran Ran Ran

I think most fans will end up getting the Limited edition because there’s a lot more songs in it than any of the regular editions.  Not to be confused by the leading A-side, Ran Ran Ran is probably my favorite track off the single because it’s catchy and the arrangement is really cool and the members sound great.  It’s a little more progressive in its EDM feels and I think it’s a style that works well with them.  An actual club-banger!

6. Abyssal Drop (Akari Saho Vocal Ver.)

So the story behind this is that Abyssal Drop is actually a fu_mou song that Akari participated in the PV for so interestingly enough, she got to cover the song for the single.  I have to say, I really love the arrangement from fu_mou as it has a stronger electro beat and futuristic vibe to it.  While I don’t think Akari is the best singer in UUG, she managed to handle this song quite well!  A great inclusion to the single!

7. Party People Alien (DJ WILDPARTY Remix)

So we get a remix for Party People Alien (one of the A-side of their last single) and I actually had to go back and listen to the original lol!  The remix itself strips a lot of the originals arrangement out for a more club sound and honestly it doesn’t do much for me as it becomes more annoying and rough sticking to the vocal melody too.  It just was a poor remix for me.

8. Barebare I LOVE YOU ∞ Remix

So the last song from the single is another remix, this time of their 2nd single they released as a group.  What a stretch of time to be now putting out a remix for such a song.  The remix does begin with the original opening which is one of the coolest intros!  Though it cuts out for this remix which is steady and cool (and every member getting a line).  Though when the remix only consists of ~barebare i love you, sokubare want you~ for a good 6:30…that’s not a good sign, but I mostly like the track due to its PV.  Goofy and funy as hell!



It feels like its been forever since UUG released a single (though I had been accustomed to the 8 singles a year thing xD).  This was actually a pretty heavy single and I quite liked that about since most of the songs here were decent.  The best ones were definitely Ran Ran Ran, Kimi to Iu Kasetsu, Abyssal Drop, and !!!!!!!!.  Those 4 tracks were pretty good showcasing the group in a great way.  Though I think YOLO & Future&Past! could’ve been left behind as they were a bit messy or forgetful.  The other two tracks (the remixes) were eh…I think Barebare I LOVE YOU’s remix only works in the form of its PV.  Still, overall a good single, but I hope an album is sometime soon!


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