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Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! October News Pt. 1 (Corocoro & Trailers) October 15, 2016

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Seems like so far, October has been packed from just having two trailers (from the 4th and 14th) & the Corocoro leaks that there’s just a good amount of things to talk about!

  • Most importantly, a demo will be released on the 18th! a month before the full game releases!
  • Festival Plaza is a new feature that includes a lot of minigames to help out
  • Poke Pelago is also a new feature where your boxed Pokemon can have adventures and level up and such (makes them being in a box less depressing).
  • Megas return, but for right now it doesn’t seem that there’ll be new Megas this time around, at least the feature will still be around right?
  • A new Kahuna was announced in Olivia who is Akala Island’s lead.  She uses Rock types (like Nosepass and Lycanrok).
  • Another trial captain was announced in Ilima who uses Normal types (strange how HE was not announced along with the 4 a couple months back because Ilima is the first trial captain of the game.

Dartrix, Torracat, Brionne


So we start off the announcements from the trailer released on the 4th and it mostly retained more information on features and the upcoming demo, but it did kick off with the middle evolutions of our starters.  While nothing too worthy to not came out of it, I do think they look really well and funny enough supporting the Chinese leak even further (especially the features that look like it’ll be placed upon the the final evolutions.



So when they announced the demo, they also told us that we will be able to transfer a special Greninja (with a special ability, Battle Bond) where once it defeats an opponent it’ll turn into this Form.  While its profile did say it’ll be faster, there’s not much information about it otherwise.  Now where will AZ’s Floette land?

Alolan Grimer, Alolan Muk


Then we get into our Corocoro leaks which technically opened with Alolan Grimer being announced (with Muk being announced a couple days later).  As they are both now Poison / Dark, Grimer and Muk went through mostly color changes than shape changes.  I do like that Muk actually has its color move down its body (a little bit of an acid trip if you ask me).  Though Grimer is a bit off with the yellow lip balm going on there.  Either way, unexpected, but I’m sure there’ll be some uses (especially since both Drapion and Skuntank had good uses as they are the same typing).

Hakamo-o, Kommo-o


Next up was also another sort-a surprise with the reveal of Jangmo-o’s line.  Personally, I could’ve left off the hyphens on both and given them stronger names, but still.  After Jangmo-o, it seems to gain a typing which turns it into the only line currently with the dual type of Dragon / Fighting.  Kommo-o though comes with a new move called Clanging Scales where it’s a strong attack, but it lowers defense (like Close Combar).  I like the designs and it’s looking to be the pseudo, Dragon legendaries of the generation (surprised that it was even revealed, so there might be a chance there’s another pseudo out there!



So last month’s Corocoro hinted about Type:Null actually having an evolution and they didn’t let us down with introducing Silvally which continues to be the same Normal type.  Though with the helmet broken off, it does get a different ability called AKS System (Arceus much?).  With this ability whichever item it’s holding (something like Arceus’ plates), it’ll change it’s typing and its signature move, Multi-Attack (sounds like Arceus’ move Judgment).  Yeah, there’s definitely some apparent similarities going here aren’t there…

Steenee, Tsareena


Luckily today’s trailer didn’t disappoint as they revealed the English names for all the Pokemon released on Corocoro and gave us some other new Pokemon as well!  If you didn’t know, Bounsweet actually evolves into this Pokemon (which are pretty feminine as things go, so I assume they could be female-only.  While they don’t change types (stuck as a pure Grass type), Tsareena has a new ability called Queenly Majesty which stops priority moves (like Bruxish’s new ability, which has a different name xD).  On top of that, it has the new move Trop Kick which can lower an opponent’s Attack stat.



So in the last post, I had mentioned that what was an evolution to Cutiefly was shown (albeit very briefly in the JPN trailer).  Though it’s nice to see it confirmed officially as Ribombee.  Nothing to really note here though, the scarf is so cuuute!  I might have to catch one of these!



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