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Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! October News Pt. 2 (Demo & Etc.) October 20, 2016

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So here we are on the 19th (a day after the demo dropped) and I feel like I’ve drained the demo for what it has for the moment!  So let’s go over it!

  • We of course obtain our special Greninja at the beginning of the demo and we get a basic look of our first town, Hau’oli.
  • We meet up with Professor Kukui after taking a short trip to the Pokemon Center after beating some Team Skull thugs.
  • Kukui gives the OK to go onto Ten Carat Hill (where we meet Yungoos, Pikipek, Rockruff, and Pikachu) in the tall grass and battle a trainer.
  • Once at the cave, we begin our Trial which is to take pictures of Jangmo-o & Hakamo-o.
  • After the 3rd picture, the last one is against a Totem Hakamo-o (and a Rockruff helper)
  • Afterwords, Kukui will give you a Z-Ring & Electrium-Z (for Pikachu) to go against Team Skull Admin Plumeria’s Golbat.

Then the demo sort of ends.

  • Though after the trailer, you’ll be brought back in front of the PKMN Center and Kukui will give you an item where you can call Pokemon to do different things.  In the demo, we get Tauros which helps with traveling (much faster than running).
  • A PKMN Capturing Challenge which you can practice capturing the grass Pokemon (sadly you can’t keep them).
  • A couple events that actually happen days after you obtain the demo (1, 5, 12, 18, and 24)…
  • There’s also a random NPC that mentions something weird of the beach and we get our first glance at Alolan Dugtrio


Yup, it gains hair for some strange reason.  While we don’t exactly know what it’s all about besides the fact that it exists.  I figure because of the surfer looks it has, it might be a Water / Ground but that’s just under assumptions.


Though there was more!  A little before the demo Amazon decided to leak the upcoming TCG to begin the Sun / Moon string of releases and on the box came a new Pokemon


Just from looking at it, this is definitely a Water type at best, but I can also see a Poison type as well with the barbs it has and the coloring…


Then a couple days later, we got the preview for the Pokedex Guide out in Japan and it included a new Alolan form for Persian (which most fans guessed would happen since Meowth has one).  While I assume it’ll keep its Dark type, I’m unsure if it gets another type.  Visually, it’s mostly the same, but its head is bigger and has a blue gem in the midde (whereas the original had a red one).

(I know the datamined leaks happened, but I want to keep up with the updates, so I won’t cover them at least until the game is out, but what I can say is that I’m a little bummed about how many are new, but also that the designs are wild!