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Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! October News Pt. 3 (Trailer!) October 28, 2016

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So here we are at the end of October and we had one more trailer to handle and boy was it a pretty interesting one!  So let’s talk about it!

  • We finally got confirmation that the 3rd & 4th islands are indeed called Ula’ula & Poni island respetively.
  • The Pokemon league seems to be in its early stages and you get to battle on the Battle Tree with familiar opponents like Cynthia, Wally, Red, and Blue.

Decidueye, Incineroar, Primarina


The trailer did actually start off with the official showing of the final evolutions of the starter Pokemon which were actually making the Chinese leaks 100% real (strange that once again we found out by a leak).

Decidueye was probably the most interesting being typed as a Grass / Ghost (shared with both the Gourgeist and Trevenant lines).  I’m not sure quite where the Ghost typnig fits in with this one, but I really do enjoys its Robin Hood-look.  It does come with a signature move called Spirit Shackle where once it hits, the opponent cannot leave the battle or switch out.

Incineroar was also pretty interesting and despite how it looked, it avoided being a Fire/Fighting but instead is a Fire / Dark.  Funny enough that it shares its typing with the Houndoom line.  Since this is who I’m choosing for the game, I really liked its full line and sounds like it’ll be a brute!  Its signature move, Darkest Lariat ignores stat changes

Finally, we have Primarina who has the Water / Fairy typing (shares with the Azumarill line).  It might not be the top choice for me, but it looks so serene and beautiful, but definitely a bit feminine (moreso because it can be a male or a female).  Though Sparkling Aria actually heals burn wounds, but at the same time to deal damage?  Weird ideas in this move.

Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini


Next up was that they showed off the remaining 3 Alola Guardians for the remaining islands.

First up is Tapu Lele, the Psychic / Fairy deity for Akala Island and it’s pretty cool that they split the Tapu’s into male and female guises and that their shields are based off different animals.  Not sure what Tapu Lele is based off of but it’s cute.  Its ability, Psychic Surge casts a perma Psychic Terrain (a new move that’s like the other ____ Terrain moves where in this case, Psychic moves get boosted power).

While many were thinking that Oricorio would dictate the other Tapus, it was shot down with the other two!  Tapu Bulu is actually a Grass / Fairy with its signature ability, Grassy Surge.

Finally there’s Tapu Fini which is Water / Fairy (another one eh?).  Even though the other Tapus have a Surge that focuses on their primary type, Tapu Fini’s Misty Surge is a Surge based across its secondary typing (why that is is beyond me, but I feel like we’ve got that in abilities like Drizzle (Kyogre & Politoed) & Primordial Sea (Primal Kyogre).

All 4 Tapus do learn Nature’s Madness and they all share a Z-move called “Guardian of Alola”.

Alolan Persian


We finally get video confirmation of Alolan Persian and just like Meowth, it continues to be a Dark type and it has Fur Coat or Technician.  I think its original look is pretty memorable, but this Persian feels almost comical to me.  While it is held highly by Alola residents, I just wonder how well it’ll be in the meta…



One of the most interesting and the only one that wasn’t tied to anything specific or special, we have Cosmog which is a pure Psychic type.  It has been shown that it’s the Pokemon, Lillie is carrying around and the Aether Foundation has interest in it.  I think it’s really cute and it seems important to the story, but to what extent because it’s just kind of in its own weird place