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Namie Amuro – Dear Diary/Fighter November 1, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Dear Diary
  2. Fighter
  3. Dear Diary -Instrumental-
  4. Fighter -Instrumental-

1. Dear Diary

It feels like its been a while sine we’ve gotten a straight-up ballad (“HERO” was close, but it was more upbeat the longer it went).  That said, Dear Diary is a surprisingly grand sounding ballad with a lot of strings and piano strung throughout its arrangement.  It is pretty much to the books as far as ballads go and it’s a little bit like something she’s done before, but it’s nice to see this kind of song return!

2. Fighter

I was happy to see that Namie is still sticking to her upbeat style of recent because Fighter is actually more of the exciting dance/EDM drive that she had back in “_genic”.  Though the song is entirely sung in English so there’s the little bit with the accent going on, but it doesn’t drive me away from this edgy dance track!

Seeing as both songs are tied to the Death Note movie that came out in Japan, I felt this was a suitable single but not quite on the level that “HERO” is on.  Both songs to me feel like they’re staples to Namie’s current sound and while we haven’t had a song like Dear Diary in a while, it still felt like more of the same we’ve been getting.  Overall, not bad, but not groundbreaking.


One Response to “Namie Amuro – Dear Diary/Fighter”

  1. shinitakashi Says:

    I was left feeling completely meh about this single. Neither song is bad, but they both just sound so pedestrian in comparison to “Mint” and “Hero”. The music videos were amazing, though.

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