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Morning Musume ’16 – Sexy Cat no Enzetsu/Mukidashi de Mukiatte/Sou Janai November 21, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Sexy Cat no Enzetsu
  2. Mukidashi de Mukiatte
  3. Sou Janai
  4. Sexy Cat no Enzetsu (Instrumental)
  5. Mukidashi de Mukiatte (Instrumental)
  6. Sou Janai (Instrumental)

1. Sexy Cat no Enzetsu

Opening the single, we have Sexy Cat which stirred up some speculations at how “sexy” the song would actually come off and this song is more playful than anything else.  As usual, the saxophones really add some depth to the song and interestingly enough it works with Sakura, Fukuchan, and Duu (who are the leads of the song).  It’s a pretty cool song and just hearing the group is making all kinds of happy.  I will say the trio of leads are pretty impressive overall and the rest of the members pull their weight.

2. Mukidashi de Mukiatte

The 2nd A-side (the last revealed), Mukidashi is pretty much straight up EDM for them, but unlike past endeavors, I think the arrangers wanted to keep things a bit more simplistic and straightforward and honestly, it worked for them.  Each of the members have a solo line somewhere (except Haachel for some reason).  Even though I don’t have much to say about it, I really enjoyed the track the most of the single…a great dance track for the group to have!

3. Sou Janai

I guess you can say that the 3rd A-side is also classified as an EDM song, but the song is a little more focused on members here, specifically Maria who is the lead of the track means it’s also the first where a 12th Gen members actually has spotlight in a song!  Duu, Fukuchan, Ayumi, Odasaku, and Maachan also have lines throughout so it’s not all just her.  The song itself is growing on me and Maria sounds good (finally training is paying off).

As the last release as Momusu ’16, I feel this single did a whole lot better than their last single by giving us some exciting tracks and some spotlight on members who haven’t really been getting any.  I do think the space from Riho and Zukki has been covered for now and with the future really pointing towards a 13th Gen, I can oly wonder what’s in store for 2017


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  1. Kiki B Says:

    Love your reviews. Been reading you for years. Cheers 😘

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