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Hello! Pro Kenshuusei – Engeki Joshi-bu Musical “Nega Poji Poji” Original Soundtrack December 29, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Nega Poji Poji
  2. Ima Made Ikitekite Doukou
  3. Tempura Tabetai
  4. Ima wa Dame

1. Nega Poji Poji

As the theme song for the play, Nega Poji Poji is a lot more upbeat and danceable than past OST themes which is pretty cool and actually interesting.  Despite that a lot of the song is sung by Kenshuusei since only 4 of the 9 Tsubaki members are involved thrown in there throughout.  Not sure what I think of the vocals as it’s majority unison with a few duet lines here and there.  It sure does get repetitive having the girls repeat Nega & Poji so much, but otherwise, I enjoyed the bouncier atmosphere.

2. Ima Made Ikitekite Doukou

The remaining tracks on the single highlights different Teams (3 teams of different girls did the stageplay on different days).  We start off with Team B (consisting of Mizuho from Tsubaki and KSS members Takase, Maeda, Yoshida, and Onoda from the Engeki troupe.  After hearing “Nega Poji Poji”, I wasn’t expecting an acoustic ballad on the single.  Now I hate to say, but I actually do not know what most of the members sound like so I can’t comment on it, but there’s some good vocals here.  After the chorus, it does start to feel like a reggae track.  Interesting, but I wanna see who’s singing what.

3. Tempura Tabetai

Team C’s track is next and that grouping is Ogata and Asakura from Tsubaki and Ichioka, Ono K., and Nishida from the KSS.  The arrangement feels poppy and like a simple track with just piano involved.  I definitely heard Risamaru and Icchan in the song and maybe Kiki here and there.  With the playful but minimal arrangement, the song is a bit forgetful but not bad.

4. Ima wa Dame

Finally, we have Team A’s track which is sung between Tsubaki’s Yamagishi and KSS members; Kaga, Horie, Kanatsu, and Kiyono.  From the start, I get this sense of kayoukyoku and 90s pop and interestingly enough all the members seem to get lines.  As short as the song is, I quite like this track of the four.



At the end of the year, we had another OST to deal with and while initially it seemed to be a Tsubaki stageplay, it feels more like a Kenshuusei-led one.  The preview single overall was a good taste and I liked the variety of genres it handles, but I feel like 3 discs could happen since the groupings exist.  Overall, nice but there’ll probably be more!



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