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GENERATION 7: Alola x2! January 20, 2017

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Welp here goes nothing!  Time for Part 2 of going through the new Pokemon!

026: Mareanie, 027: Toxapex


Kicking things off, we have the Poison/Water type Pokemon Mareanie & its evolution Toxapex.  Now when we got that TCG preview/leak of it, I kind of figured it was going to be those typings because it was underwater and the barbs were kind of a giveaway.  I do like Mareanie’s design, but find Toxapex a little strange especially walking with the flaps and such.  It does have a signature move in Baneful Bunker (cool name BTW) that shields itself but poisons the opponent if they use a physical move.  Also, finding one of these is HARD because you can only find them in SOS battles with Corsola and even then that’s hard to pull off.  Not sure if that was a smart way to do things, but meh.

028: Mudbray, 029: Mudsdale


As the pure Ground type Pokemon, the Mudsdale line isn’t too much to gawk at honestly.  I will say that they do have great power, but lack heavily in the speed department.  Also, a donkey evolving into a Clydesdale is a little strange (not as much as some others, obviously).  I’m OK with it and the fact it’s a Pokeride is pretty nice too.

030: Dewpider, 031: Araquanid


Oh dear, as one of a few Pokemon we didn’t get a video reveal for, I wasn’t expecting a water spider to be a part of this shindig.  As a Water/Bug (which it shares with Surskit, and the Golisopod line, funny enough) I never really found myself wanting a Dewpider just because it looked a little too goofy or my tastes, but I saw the crazy design of Araquanid and I had to have one.  It’s just so alien-like and sleek!  Really one of the coolest designs of Gen 7!

032: Fomantis, 033: Lurantis


Another curious situation, the Lurantis line is actually not Bug/Grass as everyone expected (especially since it is based off an Orchid Mantis.  Nah, it’s just a pure Grass type and normally that doesn’t help its situation due to MANY better Pokemon than it, but  what does help that my Online name is Solarblade which is its signature move (a physical-based Solar Beam).  That in itself made it stick onto me and I’m going to train this baby quite nicely!

034: Morelull, 035: Shiinotic


Talking about Grass types, we have our next Pokemon who are actually Grass/Fairy (shared with Whimsicott), the Shiinotic line!  When I first saw Morelull, I thought it was cute and the whole bioluminescene shtick was a neat idea and how the mushrooms light up are just cute…then it evolves into something scary xD.  It’s like what if Amoonguss was a Fairy type xD.  There’s just something about Shiinotic’s face that bothers me…a little Espurr here?

036: Salandit, 037: Salazzle


Finally something a little different than the normal (raise it to a certain level) we have the Salazzle line!  Starting off, it is the first line to have a unique dual type of Poison/Fire on top of their signature ability, Corrosion (which poisons types that are normally immune to it like Steel types).  Add on that ONLY female Salandits evolve into Salazzle and you’ve got a Pokemon that sticks out in the generation!

038: Stufful, 039: Bewear


Probably the one that brought humor to this generation, the Bewear line is surely a strange one at that too.  Stufful is adorable though and finding one is just appealing especially with its Normal/Fighting typing (shared with Meloetta’s Piroette forme) before evolving into a Bewear.  That’s when we find out that it also wants to gives hugs but due to its sheer power, it’ll destroy people and anything in its path!  Goofy backstory aside, Bewear sure is slow, but packs a wild punch!

040: Bounsweet, 041: Steenee, 042: Tsareena


Ohhh, another line that has two evolutions to it!  The Grass-type Tsareena line is a pretty quick one if I remember correctly.  As Bounsweet, I thought the whole mangosteen look was cute and knowing its preyed upon a lot is sad.  Luckily in-game, you find Bounsweet and doesn’t take very long before it evolves to Steenee.  Teaching it Stomp and leveling it will then make it evolve further into Tsareena and gain its signature move Trop Kick!  It’s definitely for the waifu lovers out there ironically and I didn’t find much to use with this one.

043: Comfey


Another Pokemon that feels like its typing is missing something, Comfey is our pure Fairy-type here and I initially thought in its reveal that it would have evolved, but nope, it’s a standalone here.  Sadly it doesn’t seem to fare well in the meta and is just kind of there to be like the Hawaiian lei Pokemon.  It’s cute though and the lei idea is cool (though its shiny is pretty disappointing).

044: Oranguru


To some Version exclusives, Orangurus can be found only in Moon (makes sense with the purple coloring and all).  Being a Normal/Psychic type (sharing with Meloetta & Girafarig), I had one for quite a while, but then Lunala came in and this one fell to the wayside.  Sadly, I had my own issues with it being so slow and not having the strongest moves in its arsenal.

045: Passimian


Its Sun counterpart, a pure Fighting type, Passimian caught my attention a little more due to its design and the fact it’s the more offensive Pokemon between the two.  Plus it looks like a rugby player doesn’t it?  Sadly, I didn’t really get to obtain one of these until post-game when I wanted to finish the Living Dex (one of every single Pokemon).  I have to see how well it does for me before I can decide conclusively if it’s a good Pokemon to have.

046: Wimpod, 047: Golisopod


When I first saw Wimpod in its reveal, it remided me a LOT of Abra, but its ability Wimp Out lets it escape battle once its HP is under half.  That made me worried and the fact that it’s found in 3 spots specifically (on top of having to chase it via Tauros) makes me aggrivating a little bit on top of it being weak.  However, Golisopod comes in and it just tears things up.  While I still disagree with Golisopod’s ability, Emergency Exit (Wimp Out basically), its signature move, First Impression is really great!  Also, what a badass design!

048: Sandygast, 049: Palossand


One of the weirder designs of the Generation, I never thought that a haunted sandcastle would be a thing but now there is with the Palossand line.  First off, I really enjoy the Ghost/Ground typing (Golurk line has this too) and the backstory and designs themselves are pretty neat and strange.  I didn’t get to use this because the line is also particularly slow as sludge so it didn’t get a place on the team.

050: Pyukumuku


The last of the post, Pyukumuku was always a strange one to me.  It’s cool we get our sea cucumber Pokemon and all and its pure Water typing is slightly boring on the flipside of things.  Though I think the fact that its more of tricks and tanking and its lack of offensive moves might turn some people off on top of that its only true way of physically hitting is in its ability Innards Out where it does damage after it faints.  Kind of a bummer situation if you ask me…



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