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GENERATION 7: What a Short Post! February 1, 2017

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As the title implies, yeah this will be a shorter post due to being close to the end of the dex and right before we get into the Legendaries & Ultra Beasts!  So let’s get the remainder of the Pokedex

051: Type:Null, 052: Silvally


Kicking things off, we have the strangely named Type: Null & its evolution Silvally!  Now strange as it seems, you can’t even obtain this Pokémon until post-game so it feels strange that it’s found in the main section of the Dex with other Pokémon.  Most of the game though will have you battling Type:Null due to Gladion owning one of them.  After you do get it, level it up with high happiness and the helmet comes off and it turns into Silvally.  What’s more interesting is that because it’s a chimera of sorts and its ability is called RKS System, it seems like the Aether Foundation were trying to recreate the God Pokémon, Arceus.  Even its ability uses “memories” in the same way plates are used for Arceus.  Strange Normal type for sure…

053: Minior


When I first saw this Pokémon, I had thought that it would be somewhat related to either both Solrock and Lunatune.  However, at the end of the day Minior is a standalone Pokémon and pretty neat since it does share the aforementioned twos typing of Rock/Psychic.  What makes it stand out though is that once you lower its HP under half, its shell breaks and we get a plethora of colors like the pink one (pictured above, the its shiny form is my favorite of the bunch).  Pretty neat Pokémon and its got a cute gimmick.

054: Komala


A Pokémon many fans were SO sure that would get an evolution, ended up not getting, this Normal-type Komala is a pretty confusing one to say the least.  Mostly it’s due to its ability, Comatose where its in a constant state of sleep without being actually asleep, which means Sleep moves (Sleep Talk, Snore) works and it can’t have any other negative ailment (Poison, Paralysis, Frozen) be put on it.  I think it if it had an evolution, it might have been a bit OP (unless it had a different ability).  Still, not a totally interesting Pokémon, but has a pretty neat idea behind it.

055: Turtonator


Ahhh yes! A Fire/Dragon Pokémon that isn’t Reshiram!  This Sun exclusive was late to joining my party, but I find that because its a bit slow, its a Pokémon I wouldn’t care to use but Shell Trap (a signature move for Turtonator) is a nice counter being a bit slower than a lot of Pokémon.  Beyond that, I still haven’t really found much of a use for it, but time will tell!

056: Togedemaru


As a pattern with every generation, there’s always going to be a Pika-clone of sorts and in Generation 7 there’s two strangely enough.  The first is Togedemaru which beyond its full Japanese name being kept, is an Electric/Steel type like the Magnezone line but a lot more weaker in that sense.  I do love its hedgehog-inspired designed and the spikes that can protrude from its body, but to me I get strange Emolga feels from this.

057: Mimikyu


I definitely wasn’t expecting a Pika-clone is the furthest sense of connection like Mimikyu who is our first Ghost/Fairy type.  I will say between this Pokémon and Decidueye, the sheer popularity contest definitely went to those two.  Mimikyu is being pushed immensely and its backstory is cute, sad, but cute too.  In game, it has a signature ability in Disguise (which works like a built-in Substitute) and it gets a free move with no damage.  It’s such an unexpected but great idea of a Pokémon!

058: Bruxish


Of the Pokémon in this generation, many fans have deemed that Bruxish is the weakest and I have to agree with it because the colors clash a bit too much (even worse when considering its shiny form) and while I like the idea of basing this off the state fish, the lips and jagged teeth is creepy and I have to say that I like Starmie a bit more as a Water/Psychic type than what Bruxish can do.  Plus it’s a bit difficult to find one too.  Just not a good-looking Pokémon.

059: Drampa


Towards the end of the main Dex, we have the Moon exclusive Drampa (who is our first Normal/Dragon type).  Sadly, we really don’t get to obtain one until we start climbing Mt. Lanakila to the Pokémon League.  A little too late to be training one for use in the League, Drampa seems to be in the background a lot.  Not sure what to say, but I suppose it works.

060: Dhelmise


One of the last Pokémon we got to check out, Dhelmise; like Bruxish and Mareanie are pretty tough to find (fishing in one specific spot on Poni Island, on top of a low encounter rate).  I wasn’t sure what type it could’ve been but in the end ended up being Grass/Ghost (sharing Decidueye and the Trevenant & Gourgeist lines.  Though in come its signature ability, Steelworker and it might as well be a Steel type too (Steel type moves get extra power).  Strange Pokémon in design, but it can be a powerhouse if used right!

061: Jangmo-o, 062: Hakamo-o, 063: Kommo-o


The last set of Pokémon in this post is of course telling as these three represent the pseudo-legendary line of the generation.  The Kommo-o line is pretty unique as both Hakamo-o & Kommo-o are both of the unique dual type of Dragon/Fighting (Jangmo-o is a pure Dragon type).  I do like the kind of regal design the evolution line has and Kommo-o’s signature move, Clanging Scales is pretty cool despite having setbacks to its Defenses.  Overall a cool design and much better in usage than the Goodra line of 6th Gen.



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  1. Waiting for the last part…….been a fan of the site for awhile now

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