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AAA – MAGIC February 9, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. MAGIC
  2. MAGIC (Instrumental)
  3. Hurricane Riri, Boston Mari -TOKYO DOME ver.- (Physical ver. only)


It feels like it’s been so long that an A-side from AAA has caught my attention.  MAGIC has a pretty jazzy and upbeat and has a lot of what makes me fall in love with the group.  Though even though it isn’t as high speed as various songs of theres, it’s nice to find a song that brings back a fun and sassy vibe like “Kuchibiru Kara Romantica”.  Definitely the A-side that really was the best of the “WAY OF GLORY” era.

2. Hurricane Riri, Boston Mari -TOKYO DOME ver.-

Not sure why the single’s only other song is ANOTHER live version of their (arguably, most memorable A-side).  Doesn’t really intrigue me whenever I hear this, but it does give me a sense of openness and the group sounds like they were having a ball in this rendition.  Still, I think I would’ve preferred another B-side than a live cut.

Closing the “WAY OF GLORY” era out, MAGIC is a pretty cool and funky song for the group to have release (especially of recent times where I feel like the flame in the group is starting to die out).  On top of that, it was announced that after this upcoming album releases, Chiaki will graduate from the group leaving a 6-nin with one female lead.  I will say that this long iteration of AAA has been amazing and all, but I’m curious to see where the group will go after the album is out and promotions are finished.  MAGIC as a single is OK, but I think I could’ve used something else than a live cut of Hurrican Riri.


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