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Kaya – Perfana February 10, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. Perfana
  2. Crescent Moon
  3. Frosty Rain (Regular only)

1. Perfana

Opening with a rush of sound and synths, Kaya kicks off with Perfana and it feels like he hadn’t let on hiatus as long as he did because Perfana is more of the electro sound that we’ve gotten accustomed to.  I do like the gothic vibes with the strings and piano being blasted with deep bass and dance beats.  It does sound a bit standard considering it’s Kaya and all, but this is a pretty cool track and a nice way to come back!

2. Crescent Moon

The B-side, Crescent Moon though is more along the lines of what Kaya can come up with by experimenting and Crescent Moon is a little more lighter in arrangement and ironically, the arrangement makes me think of Erasure (a UK synth/new wave group).  I do LOVE the glow of the song and the dreamscape-like atmosphere on top of Kaya’s whispy vocals that filter throughout.  It’s a neat song and one of the ones that stick out in his discography!

3. Frosty Rain

So the regular editions of the single came with a bonus track in Frosty Rain and funny enough, unlike both of the previous tracks, it’s without any synths or dance beats, actually it’s a natural-sounding ballad with acoustic guitar and string/piano.  If anything it reminds me of an ending theme to an anime with some of the chord progressions and the growth of the song.  It’s pretty unusual to say the least but Kaya sounds amazing here…still anison??

After being on a hiatus for about 2 years, Kaya returns with a new single in Perfana and it’s more progression on his career I’d say.  Perfana seems a little of the usual fare from him, but that’s not such a bad thing in this case, though I much preferred Crescent Moon as it has a very pleasant and flowing sound to it and Kaya’s soothing vocals just matched it perfectly.  Frosty Rain is a bit weird I can’t deny and the anison-like tones were different but not displeasing since Kaya killed it with his powerful vocals.  Let’s hope he’s working on more material now!


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