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GENERATION 7: Those legendaries and what? Ultra Beasts…ehhhhh? February 18, 2017

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Here we are, to the big legendary post right?  Yeah there’s quite a lot this time (maybe not much as Generations 4 & 5, but still a lot).  So shall we start?!?

064: Tapu Koko


We begin with the first of the legendary Tapus which in the game are considered island deities!  Now most fans will think Tapu Koko because it was shown off first (the other 3 would be revealed together a couple months later).  Being an Electric/Fairy type, it does share its typing with Dedenne, but luckily it does have more power (being a legendary, you’d hope so, right?).  Now all the Tapus do share similar abilities and signature moves (on top of a specific Z-stone they share amongst each other).  Though, I do like Tapu Koko still over the other 3, but I dunno it’s cool…

065: Tapu Lele


The next Tapu is the guardian deity of Akala Island!  Being the Psychic/Fairy type (shared with the Gardevoir & Mr. Mime lines).  Now because of that I’m not totally fond of Tapu Lele as much as I am with the others, but oh well.  So talking about unique move’s, Nature’s Madness is learned between all 4 Tapus and it’s a move that cuts HP in half…pretty cool move to have I’d say!

066: Tapu Bulu


Just from the look of it, I never would have guessed Tapu Bulu would’ve been a Grass/Fairy type (I going by actual colors, I would’ve thought it was a Fire type, but color me surprised when it isn’t).  Sharing types with Whimsicott, Tapu Bulu was quite a feat to capture (wasted so many Ultra Balls on this thing)…and I was so finally happy to capture this guy, but once again I felt like Tapu Koko had more interesting options.  Talking about abilities, they all have an ability called ____ Surge where it’s like a ____ Terrain move but the type of Terrain is of the Guardian’s primary type so here with Tapu Bulu it’s Grassy Surge which puts down an automatic Grassy Terrain for 5 turns.

067: Tapu Fini


Last but not least, Tapu Fini comes in as the Water/Fairy Tapu (sharing types with the Azumarill line & Primarina), it’s probably the next forgettable Tapu for me though I do prefer it slightly over Primarina, but definitely not Azumarill.  Still, it’s one of the more interesting designs of the 4 so that’s always good!

068: Cosmog, 069: Cosmoem, 070: Solgaleo, 071: Lunala


Wow, our first Box Legendaries that actually evolve from something?  Yup, interestingly enough this is a split evolution line and is made so from what game you own (Sun for Solgaleo & Moon for Lunala).  As majority of the story revolves around Lillie and her growth and story, we also follow her Pokémon, Cosmog…now storyline-wise, you do watch it go from its aloof self to the legendary of the game (and later keep, as Lillie doesn’t want it to not have an adventure).  Though it’s weird that you can get another Cosmog post-game, but it’ll evolve into the same legendary you have already.

Talking about the pure Psychic-type Cosmog & Cosmoem, they’re both REALLY useless in the game as the Cosmog you get post-game starts out at level 5 and only knows the move Teleport, and only evolves into Cosmoem at level 43 and only gains the move Cosmic Power which is still mad useless.  I will say that Cosmoem is the heaviest Pokémon currently now, but otherwise these two are bad to have on a team.

Ten levels later, Cosmoem will evolve into either Solgaleo or Lunala depending on the game.  Starting with the Psychic/Steel Solgaleo, I did end up getting this after the game through trading since Moon didn’t have it.  Now, I personally thought it would’ve been a Fire type because of its signature move Sunsteel Strike being a thing).  Now, the whole Radiant sun form doesn’t really show up anywhere in the game (well storymode a lil bit, but nowhere else not even in battles).

Lunala was what I got and I ended up enjoying it so far though being a Psychic/Ghost isn’t a new type to us (Hoopa has it).  Moongeist Beam has saved me a lot of times and honestly between the two, Lunala has the better design IMO.  Like I said above, it’s “alternative” Full moon look, isn’t really delved upon, so not sure why the site made a big deal about it though.

072: Nihilego


Moving onto the Ultra Beasts now, these guys were post-game missions where they transported to Alola from the dimensional portal that Lusamine opened in the game’s story.  As Nihilego is kind of shown off as the main UB shown off (at one point taking over Lusamine), Nihilego is quite a danger to people.  Though after capturing one, we find out more about it and it’s very cool!  A unique typing of Rock/Poison (strange but suiting), it’s a cool thing! (they aren’t classified as Pokémon, so I’m not calling them that).

073: Buzzwole


I have to admit, these UBs were such a shock to see being included because their designs overall are so different and doesn’t scream Pokémon at all!  One of the Sun exlusives, Buzzwole are Bug/Fighting types (shares with its Moon counterpart, Pheromosa & Heracross) and such a strange look to it, but that may be due to its HUGE muscles and yet walks on fours!  Like I said in previous posts, Sun exclusive were late to the party so I haven’t really paid too much attention to Buzzwole

074: Pheromosa


To be fair, I was more intimidated by its Moon counterpart, Pheromosa which like I said with Buzzwole, a Bug/Fighting type.  It’s quite something when they’re super fast and quite crushing with their moves.  I think I would’ve preferred some color here and let’s be honest, despite not having genders…it’s CLEAR which one is male and female here lol.  Though there was a scene in the game where Buzzwole/Pheromosa would clash off with Tapu Koko, there was no true conclusion to it and left me wondering.  Still, I really liked this Ultra Beast!

075: Xurkitree


When they started showing off these UBs, I, like many others felt that they were connected to some of the human characters (like Nihilego resembled Lillie, Pheromosa with Lusamine and now Xurkitree with Guzma (Team Skull’s leader).  Of the UBs though, Xurkitree is the only one with just a single type, Electric.  This one can be a terror if you let it reign over you.  With a lot of strong Electric-type attacks mixed with its ability, Beast Boost (an ability that all UBs have where it boosts the highest stat of the specific UB, in this case Xurkitree’s SP.ATK when it downs an opponent, so battles can go from doable to unbearable real quick!

076: Celesteela


They just keep getting more bizarre doesn’t it?  Another set of game exclusives, this time the Moon exclusive comes first in Celesteela (which ties with Cosmoem as heaviest Pokémon).  This futuristic bastion of a Pokémon, Celesteela shares its typing with Skarmory (Steel/Flying).  I really like this Ultra Beast though (but I’m a sucker for the turquoise color!).

077: Kartana


An Ultra Beast that’s based off of origami?  Though like Nihilego, it does have the great unique typing of Grass/Steel (and great, I mean a totally unfortunate one because it has an EASY 4x weakness to Fire moves.  It’s also so tiny, but I like that it leans a lot of slashing moves.  It’s probably my favorite of the Ultra Beats, but I’m sad that I had to trade for it since it’s a Sun exclusive.

078: Guzzlord


Hmmmm, the strongest of the Ultra Beasts (and the last one to obtain in the post-game mission), Guzzlord is quite the best and it doesn’t help that its best star is its HP (which luckily is not boosted from Beast Boost but its defenses are raised.  This thing is just HUGE and such a big mouth!  Sharing its dual typing of Dark/Dragon with the Hydreigon line, the two share a lot of strange things together, but this one cane survive a LOT more hits.  Interesting fella to say the least.

079: Necrozma


So after you’ve finished dealing with the Ultra Beasts, Looker tells you of another possible one found on Melemele Island.  Though unlike the UBs, Necrozma is actually a Pokémon, due to it being able to actually be caught in a Pokeball (something I didn’t mention was that Ultra Beast can only be caught by Beast Balls).  It’s a strange happening and it feels somewhat anticlimactic because there’s really not much behind it sadly for a legendary.  I do like the design and the whole prism shtick is great…but a pure Psychic?  At least make it Rock/Psychic at least…

Though in USUM, we’re introcuded to the idea that Necrozma is an Ultra Beast and it comes out and essentially forces itself on Solgaleo or Lunala (depending on the version of the game) and becomes a similar situation to White/Black Kyurem called Dusk Mane/Dawn Wings Necrozma.  Types do change where Necrozma gains the secondary typing of whichever legendary it takes over.  Interesting designs, and it looks like a virus corrupting the two!

Though it also seems that all this culminates into it’s main form, Ultra Necrozma which ultimately changes its typing to a Psychic/Dragon and has its own exclusive Z-move!  Personally, the look of it is pretty bright (being yellow, its Shiny design is a bit better).  Mad powerful and really gave Necrozma a nice arc in comparison to its original appearance in Sun & Moon.

080: Magearna


Then we have our event legendaries and ironically enough Magearna was the first of the 7th Generation to be revealed!  Being a Steel/Fairy type it might not have an unique typing but the look and artificiality about it seems unusual here.  It also looks a LOT like Diancie but more mechanical and technically its true because it was created to be based off a Diancie to begin with.  It’s cool and though it has been released in-game, I want its Pokeball variation (is it going to be any different or what?).

081: Marshadow



The last event Pokémon (well, until USUM), Marshadow actually was initially a name leaked alongside the names of the starters and legendaries way at the beginning of promotion for Sun/Moon.  Being a unique typing of Fighting/Ghost, Marshadow is going to be interesting because it has a unique move AND a specific Z-Stone.  Though it doesn’t seem to have an alternate form especially after its movie appearance, it made wonder why it was so important and one that’s curious to one day see what’s so great about it!


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