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Perfume – TOKYO GIRL February 19, 2017

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Track Listing

  2. Houseki no Ame
  3. TOKYO GIRL -Original Instrumental-
  4. Houseki no Ame -Original Instrumental-


As the leading song, I was wondering what Perfume was going to come up with for the single and TOKYO GIRL and for the most part it’s a smidge forgettable for me.  The beginning reminds me a little of “STAR TRAIN”, but once the song grows in the prechorus and eventual chorus, the tune does turn into a bit more of the upbeat sound we’ve had from the group.  Actually the chorus reminds me more of “Cling Cling” for some strange reason too.  Honestly, the song is a little underwhelming IMO.

2. Houseki no Ame

Then we move into the B-side of the single and Houseki no Ame reminds me of songs from their “LEVEL3” album but also a little more on the Kyary-ish side of things.  I like the playful arrangement and the bopping synths give off this 80’s vibe as well!  Still, I feel like the trio sounds a little too lifeless for a track like this so I also felt a bit disappointed from this track.



Kicking off a new era after “COSMIC EXPLORER”, I feel like it started off with one of the weaker singles Perfume has released in quite a while.  I’m not sure why but neither TOKYO GIRL nor Houseki no Ame left much of an impression on me and felt like album tracks.  TOKYO GIRL could eventually start catching on, but Houseki no Ame was just boring for me.  I hope their next single fixes things up (and include “Atmospheric Entry” too!).


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