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Ai Otsuka – Watashi February 22, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. Watashi
  2. Sakura Harahara
  3. Joshi Shelter
  4. Watashi (Instrumental)
  5. Sakura Harahara (Instrumental)
  6. Joshi Shelter (Instrumental)

1. Watashi

As the leading track of the single, Watashi is actually quite nice and something that just isn’t a total balad, but something more along the lines of an upbeat tune.  It’s been a while since I’ve heard Ai-chin sounding like something from her first three albums. I do think the best part of the song is its choruses where the beat takes over and the tune goes to an fun and upbeat area.  Maybe not her most striking A-side, but it’s pretty good!

2. Sakura Harahara

Our next track, I have to say was something I wasn’t expecting with a spacey arrangement and is that pan flute I hear in different places on top of small snippets of shimasen?  Yeah, the tune is a laidback kind of mid-tempo ballad that throws in some Japanese folk instruments to spice things up.  It’s a slick song and probably my favorite of the single!

3. Joshi Shelter

Though I feel like the other B-side of the single is more like leftovers from “LOVE TRiCKY” due to its dance-centric arrangement, but at the same time, it does feel a little different from her recent happening since it has chanting and it’s got a pretty cool arrangement to add to the dance beats.  Definitely another favorite of the single.

After taking another small break, Ai-chin returns with Watashi and she hasn’t missed a beat as the whole single is very enjoyable to listen to.  Watashi might not be the star of the single, but this is a decent A-side and really makes up for some of her past singles that I wasn’t quite into (plus it does remind me of old Ai-chin music).  Sakura Harahara & Joshi Shelter though were the surprises as both just are unique and really brought back the Ai-chin that takes risks in her music.  With an album coming next, I’m kind of excited to see where her sound rounds up to!


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