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Morning Musume ’17 – BRAND NEW MORNING/Jealousy Jealousy February 27, 2017

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Track Listing

  2. Jealousy Jealousy
  3. Morning Misoshiru (SP Edition only)
  4. Get you! (SP Edition only)
  5. BRAND NEW MORNING (Instrumental)
  6. Jealousy Jealousy (Instrumental)


As the debut song for 13th Gen, BRAND NEW MORNING seems like it signifies that this is a shift for a new era since half of the 9th left.  As another EDM song to put in their discography, I feel like this one is a little bit different and a bit more aggressive than I thought it would be.  I also love the kind of powerful march-like atmosphere to the kind of Arabian-esque verses which was something unexpected from the group.  As for lines, you have the usual suspects like Duu, Sakura, and Fukuchan, but there’s also a good line for Eripon and of course solos for the 2 new girls; Kaede and Reina.  What I can say is that Yokoyan oddly reminds me of Zukki’s voice (deep and a smidge hoarse) and Kaedii well…a powerhouse.  It’s definitely a favorite of mine and a great debut for our new generation.  If you’re curious, Maachan is actually absent in the A-side (she’s on a break due to a herniated disc in her back).

2. Jealousy Jealousy

The other A-side is a bit more funk-laced with brass elements and strings!  I definitely wasn’t expecting this to be the other A-side, but it’s a nice break from the usual.  There’s still some EDM elements present, but not quite at the level of “BRAND NEW MORNING”.  Also it seems that 13th Gen are not quite as up front as the other track, but I’m fine with that!  I do like that it’s Ayumi, Miki, Sakura, and Mizuki at the front of the song and even better is that the track has some rapping sections (focusing most on Miki & Ayumi).  It’s a fun song and brings back so spice to the group!

3. Morning Misoshiru

So a little backstory, this was a song initially created to promote Miso soup in Japan (with all the members having a specific flavor, including Maachan who is actually in both B-sides of the single!).  Morning Misoshiru is essentially a remake of Momusu’s major debut, “Morning Coffee” but with one lyric changed in the choruses (which to me screams lazy).  The arrangement was also updated, but not very much.  To be fair, I do prefer the original over this one, but it’s mostly the vocals that kind of did it for me.  Still, it’s nice to hear Masaki’s voice after missing it in the A-sides.  Overall, it may be the beginning to celebrate the group’s 20th anniversary!

4. Get you!

Last but not least, we have the 2nd B-side and this one is pretty out of the blue.  Announced back on Christmas last year, the group was going to collaborate with Rino Sashihara from AKB48 for a song on their upcoming album, “Thumbnail”.  That said, the song is arranged by Akimoto which means the song might not be quite as exciting as it should be.  Though what’s interesting is that this is a “single version” so to speak as this one focuses more on the Morning Musume members.  I do think the group sounds decent, but at the same time I felt like because of the arrangement and overall feel, it almost feels a smidge generic.  Not all can be winners I guess…

Their first single of the year, Momusu did a pretty good job ushering in our new generation of girls Kaede Kaga & Reina Yokoyama.  BRAND NEW MORNING is more EDM, but it did focus on the new girls quite a bit and it’s just an interesting song all-around while Jealousy Jealousy is something different and focuses more on our existing members and pushes Miki quite a bit (like how “Sou Janai” did for Maria).  The lack of Masaki in the A-sides is a bit disappointing, but it’s for her to get healthy again and return!  As for the B-sides, it feels like they were kind of thrown in just to make the SP edition a thing to get.  Morning Misoshiru is just a smidge lazy and Get you! feels like a forgettable AKB song (doesn’t help that Akimoto had arranged it…).  I’m sure it feels like the group may release a best album due to the 20th anniversary going on…and BOY ARE THEY DUE FOR AN ALBUM of sorts…


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