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GACKT – Tsumi no Keishou ~ORIGINAL SIN~ April 19, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. Tsumi no Keishou ~ORIGINAL SIN~
  2. Tsumi no Keishou ~ORIGINAL SIN~ (Orchestra Ver.)
  3. Tsumi no Keishou ~ORIGINAL SIN~ -Instrumental-

1. Tsumi no Keishou ~ORIGINAL SIN~

As a theme to an anime, I was definitely excited to hear GACKT back in the game to deliver and boy did he ever with Tsumi no Keishou!  It’s been a long time since the song itself felt like a powerful song for GACKT and definitely pulls me back to the “RE:BORN” era with a powerful arrangement with heavy rock and a nice strings ensemble to add more dramatics.  GACKT himself gave an amazing vocal performance and he’s really putting a lot into this!  Wonderful song overall and I hope he keeps this up for future releases!

2. Tsumi no Keishou ~ORIGINAL SIN~ (Orchestra Ver.)

Of course like in many of his more recent singles, he’s been adding orchestra takes of the leading track which are more or less spiced up instrumental of the song.  It would’ve been great to have heard GACKT in this setting, but it’s understandable why this is a thing.

GACKT kicks off a new era with a bang with ORIGINAL SIN.  I’ve been missing this type of badass, epic song (though his last two singles were quite there, the two before “Kimi Dake no Boku de Iru Kara” actually).  Either way, this song is just epic in every way!  One of his better songs in recent times.  Wished he’d release B-sides again, but having two instrumentals of the leading track, is a bit ehhh.


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