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Kalafina – into the world/Märchen April 19, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. into the world
  2. Märchen
  3. Haru wo Matsu
  4. into the world ~instrumental~
  5. Märchen ~instrumental~
  6. Märchen ~Anime Size~

1. into the world

As the leading track, into the world follows in the same veins as previous open-air songs like “Eden” and “ring your bell” with the kind of positive, flightly arrangement that we’ve been getting more and more of from Kalafina these days.  I mean I’m not dogging it for not being unique, but they have been pulling this card a LOT in recent times and I kind of want them to move on from it…it’s just starting to feel generic for Kalafina…

2. Märchen

Maybe that’s why there’s a second A-sides here because right from the start, Märchen kicks in for something new and something to push the group out again.  Hearing HIKARU lead is also a good sign because more times than not she gets the cool songs for the group.  I’m not sure where the song lands genre-wise, but it’s a decent mix of anison, rock, and folk blended into a cool and forceful track.  Definitely the more impressive track here!

3. Haru wo Matsu

Surprised the single included a B-side, but like majority of their B-sides have been, it’s a piano-led ballad.  As they’re kind of a dime in a dozen, Haru wo Matsu doesn’t really strike my fancy much, but the mood of the song is a little more uplifting than previous efforts which is pleasant, but for the people not into ballads, then this one won’t do you any good.



It feels like it’s been forever since “blaze” released, but the fact this single was announced quite a while before its actual release was shocking to me.  This single is odd, but still not up there amongst their bests.  I feel like I’m tired of the hopeful, bright sky-like songs from Kajiura and into the world was just generic to me.  I think most of my enjoyment is from Märchen with a more cooler drive and the members giving a stronger vocal performance.  As for Haru wo Matsu…it’s a ballad, you’ll either like it or not in this case…I just hope it doesn’t take forever for their next single.



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