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Kyarypamyupamyu – Ii Suta April 19, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. Ii Suta
  2. Todoke Punch
  3. Sai & Kou -extended mix-
  4. Ii Suta -instrumental-
  5. Todoke Punch -instrumental-

1. Ii Suta

Are we really doing an Irish jig intro for a song that’s roughly about Easter?  Yeah I feel like the title is supposed to be “Easter”…Anyways, it’s nice to see Kyary back to just her on the single and Ii Suta is a strong song but she’s always been about weird shenanigans.  I’m not sure if I’m down for the Irish jig to a March kind of style, but it’s definitely unique in her discography so I’m happy she’s back to that at the least.  Odd A-side, but something people can remember.

2. Todoke Punch

Ahh I’m happy for the return of a B-side here.  Actually, I really dug Todoke Punch for some reason.  It has the Kyary cuteness, but the arrangement is a lot heavier and reminds me something from her first album…it’s just a heavy synth sound mixed with Nakata’s 80’s-esque drive that really pulled me in.  It’s probably my favorite song she’s done since “Mondai Girl” and that was a while ago!

3. Sai & Kou -extended mix-

Of course we also return with more extended remixes, this time one for Sai & Kou which was two singles ago (plus “Harajuku Iyahoi” already got one xD).  I mean it’s a minute longer which is nice.  Sai & Kou is a song that I’m here nor there with, but the extended mix kind of helped it last longer in my conscience.

Kyary doesn’t seem to miss any holidays it feels like and now we have our Easter single.  Ii Suta is an oddball song fusing two unlikely genres and adding a dollop of cuteness to make a song.  For me, it’s a bit too out there for me, but I enjoy the creativity from Nakata.  For those looking for something normal, Todoke Punch may work better and I enjoyed it tons more!  The Sai & Kou extension was cool, but like most of the others…just kind of there for people who wanna completely listen to her discography.


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