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TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – predawn/Don’t give it up April 19, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. predawn
  2. Don’t give it up
  3. predawn -Extended Mix- (CD only)
  4. predawn (Instrumental)
  5. Don’t give it up (Instrumental)

1. predawn

I was curious to see where the quartet would release next as an A-side.  predawn is definitely a step in a new direction away from the funky sounds of majority of the A-sides.  I really like this kind of cool, ethereal sound and then turned into a moombahton track in the chorus, but it’s very slight, but the essence is there for sure.  I definitely found this MAD refreshing and I do get a feeling of the morning here.

2. Don’t give it up

As for the other A-side, Don’t give it up follows with a bit of a pop/rockish kind of sound to it.  I have to say now, the group vocally sounds good and the level of talent feels like it’s getting better with each single.  As for the rest of the song, it’s a bit to the books for a song for the group like “Chiisana Kiseki” was.  It’s not bad, but not what I exactly came for.

3. predawn -Extended Mix-

30 seconds extra huh?  Well, I do have to say I quite prefer the intro to this here, the rest of the song is the same and a couple extra parts so it’s not a major extension, but it’s there for people who bought the CD only so I suppose you get the song in a better way maybe???



3rd single in with the quartet and I feel like TGS’ is starting to find a new identity away from the idol songs of yore.  I feel like predawn is an awesome example of this and the whole light club feel is just something that works with the group.  However, Don’t give it up felt like straight idol pop/rock and it just doesn’t connect to me in anyway.  The extension is here or there, makes no difference in the long run…still overall a good single from them!


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