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Kobushi Factory – Butai “JK Ninja Girls” Original Soundtrack April 27, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. I Love Ninja Girls -Tokyo vs. Osaka-
  2. Saru mo Odaterya Hitottobi
  3. Atama Warukute Kirigakurezu
  4. Erabu Mirai
  5. Kanashimi no Kakera
  6. Eiga “JK Ninja Girls” no Oshirase Special Talk!

1. I Love Ninja Girls -Tokyo vs. Osaka-

It’s been quite a while since an OST song brought me some smiles and I Love Ninja Girls is cute, very ninja-esque and vocally is quite nice going from strong lines from all the members to a bouncy unison section.  I find it compelling and strongly thought this was great as the theme for the play itself.

2. Saru mo Odaterya Hitottobi

It’s no surprise when it comes to valid vocal prowess, I’m not surprised that Saru mo Odaterya Hitottobi is a solo from Rei.  I really love the intro with just her singing with a VERY powerful presence.  She does tone it down once the music joins in which is bouncy and a bit cute.  I’m not exactly a fan of the synth horns, but OST songs tend to sound cheap so it’s not a thing that kills it, but it’s too noticeable.

3. Atama Warukute Kirigakurezu

Now Hamachan gets a solo as well and her track, Atama Warukute Kirigakurezu, is a simple song in comparison to all of the other tracks.  Despite being a song made by a CASIO (it feels like), I’m just not into this because Hamachan is using her squeaky voice to get by and I feel like I’m listening to some children’s song.  Just not my kind of song.

4. Erabu Mirai

Now we have a track that combines Rei and Ayano together.  Luckily, they both ditched the cutesy sound of their solo entirely for a simple piano/strings ballad.  Fortunately for them, they bring their A game and give a powerful, but short performance.  I kind of wish it wasn’t 2 minutes long, but what can you do?

5. Kanashimi no Kakera

The last track features all of the other Kobushi members that aren’t Hamachan & Reirei and I’m happy they at least focused a little on them with this track too.  It’s nice they also paired them like Ayaka/Sakurako/Minami & Rio/Natsumi/Rena for both verses and choruses and it worked alongside its acoustic guitar based arrangement.  Soft, but it definitely stood out.



Getting into this I guess preview OST, Kobushi Factory once again sounded decent for JK Ninja Girls.  Granted, 5 songs is not quite enough to satiate my interest in the play since it’s the group as Ninjas and all.  I would say most of the tracks were pretty decent with the only stinker being Hamachan’s solo track…that was a little too idol genki for me.  With their upcoming single featuring the theme for the JK Ninja Girls movie, it makes me wonder how Japanese they’ll make the song since the main theme for the play is kooky.


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