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U-KISS – PaNiC! May 2, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. PaNiC!
  2. Flying Around The World
  3. U-KISS 2016 One More Shot Mix (Physical only)
  4. PaNiC! (Instrumental)
  5. Flying Around The World (Instrumental)

1. PaNiC!

As the leading track, PaNiC! is quite a track that I was hoping to see more from and they delivered!  The track itself goes back to the group’s earlier efforts with its heavier dance style like in “Bingeul Bingeul” & “Tick Tack”.  The beat is just heavy and in your face and the group while focused on Kevin, Soohyun, and Hoon, the rest of the group manage to pop out left and right to gave a cool performance.  Pretty awesome A-side!

2. Flying Around The World

Though I wasn’t expecting the B-side to be more EDM in its arrangement, but the song itself is a lot more brighter and poppy in comparison.  While it does feel a smidge cheesy and much, the track is catchy too and hearing Kevin & Soohyun is quite nice even if this is repetitive like mad.  Interesting B-side, kind of surprised it won’t make an album…

3. U-KISS 2016 One More Shot Mix

Found only on physical editions of the single, this Mix is actually more like an album digest of “One Shot One Kill”…a 10-minute digest at that.  Though at the same time, none of the tracks sound like their actual album counterparts so there’s that.  It’s just there for some reason and not sure why since the actual album was before this single soooo…why???



Ending their 2016 and releasing a single before their best-of drops, we have PaNiC! and it’s probably their best single since at least their 2nd Japanese album.  I felt like PaNiC! brought back much needed excitement for the group and Flying Around The World while a bit hammy at times is a nice opposite to the A-side.  Granted, as this single is a promotional single for the best album, it’s curious to see what happens…

Although, figures that in 2017, we get news that Kevin has left the group, so this is his last single with the group…makes me wonder how the group dynamic will shift (maybe Keseop will get some time FINALLY).