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PINK CRES. – crescendo May 30, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. fun fun fun
  3. Uwa na Sora
  4. Kirei Kawai Mirai
  5. Last Love
  6. Katasumi
  7. Warning ~Mirei Keihou~
  8. Tell me why
  9. Summer wonderland

1. fun fun fun

The sound of clock ticking opens the album up and then we have the return of Miyabi’s heavenly voice!  I knew that the group did start off with some EDM-like substance, but I wasn’t expecting the first unheard track to be more pop with horns and a heavy beat.  I kind of like the summer atmosphere I get from the track.  While I wasn’t too sure to differentiate from the other two members; Yuuka and Hikaru, I feel like they still had some training to go through and it was apparent that Miyabi had the spotlight here.  Still, I kind of dug the track overall and it’s a great start to the album!


Now this was what I was expecting when I came to listen to the album.  Unlike the bright, beachy vibe of “fun fun fun”, we get the electro-heavy LOVE CANDY.  What caught me off guard was the abuse of auto-tune in the trio’s vocals and it’s something I’m not too into unless the rest of the track was catching on.  The robotic performance is rather surprising, but there’s someone with a deep voice that actually surprised in how well it sounded in auto-tune, possibly Yuuka?  The rest of the song was pretty good too, it did feel a bit long, but at 4 minutes is it really???

3. Uwa na Sora

Changing things up again, Uwa na Sora seems to take the trio into a much cuter vibe, but mixed in some light dubstep and hip-hop?  I don’t know, but I feel a bit conflicted with this track as it feels like it would be a ballad, but it’s given this super glossy sound that works against it except in the chorus where it does slightly work.  Yeah, it was never a song that I could really get into…

4. Kirei Kawai Mirai

I don’t know why, but when I listen to this song, it feels like a Buono! song that was sorely missed by the trio and yet here I am imagining Airi & Momoko somewhere in this song or hoping.  Granted, the song does somewhat stick out from being a Buono! track by including synths and mixing the three girls vocals together, but I’m feeling as if the mixing is rather overdone here.  It’s still rather somewhat catchy and brings back the summer tones like “fun fun fun” did.

5. Last Love

Yeah, what is this intro though?  Like “Uwa na Sora”, I feel like this track has a little problem with identity and trying to find a melody in its arrangement versus the girls’ vocals.  The verses are sparse and just kind of all over the place, but it does come together better when it enters the chorus and feels a smidge like an anison theme.  I do like some of the surprising quips that come off as video-gamey sounds, but the song altogether is just somewhat chaotic.

6. Katasumi

Next song up, Katasumi was another song I had never heard prior to the album’s release and no surprise Miyabi is ALL over this song quite a bit.  Though I feel like the newer members are somewhat struggling here, especially since they’re singing in a higher register.  The song itself is pretty tame and kind of relaxed and the natural instrumentation mixed with the synths is pleasant to listen too.  Not bad, but could’ve been better.

7. Warning ~Mirai Keihou~

Oh!  I wasn’t expecting alarms sounding to kick the track off, but we’re back to the upbeat and powerful dance tracks and Warning has got a lot of punch and lot of dynamic sounds going throughout and I have to say even the new members sound a LOT more better and cooler in comparison to the previous track.  Take out the auto-tune from “LOVE CANDY” and you get this track and I really dug it!  Cool cool track overall!

8. Tell me why

Oh my, another edgy track?  I have to say I think PINK CRES. is making a lot more waves when they do upbeat tracks like this and I have to say, even if the chorus is somewhat mechanical, it really works with the members vocals and just has this oomph and sass that I wasn’t expecting from them.  I actually think Yuuka is the one with the deep vocals and I’m really loving it when it goes against Miyabi’s voice and Hikaru’s slightly higher tone.  I think it’s definitely the best track off the album hands down!

9. Summer wonderland

Rounding out the album is actually the group’s first song they performed back in 2016 (y’know after that long audition), Summer wonderland kind of fits in the middle between the edgy tracks and the experimental, poppy tracks.  It has a slight Katy Perry-ala “California Girls” sound to it, but it does lean more towards the heavier beat.  I do think the chorus is a bit strange to me because of some extra beats going on and my mind trying to process one thing when its another (yeah, odd).  It’s OK, but it kind of is in the middle for me

Tracks Recommended

  • Tell me why
  • Warning ~Mirai Keihou~
  • fun fun fun

Song of Avoidance

  • Uwa na Sora

Yeah, it might be odd that I never was interested in Lovendor (though at their time of formation, I was kind of tired of hearing Reina), but when Miyabi announced auditions for a group, I was pretty excited and quite impatient since it took forever.  Though once the winners were announced (Yuuka Nihei & Hikaru Kobayashi), I was more curious to see what these girls brought and initially it was rather meh…though after listening to crescendo, I see the potential, they’re pretty different and give off this strong sense of power…I hope they follow songs like Tell me why and less Uwa na Sora…but keep going it’s pretty good so far!


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